October 2, 2011

Cooking Gas Cylinder at 1700 Rs .....
     Now  don't think that I am saying the cost of cooking Gas after 10 years ..No In Manipur if you want to buy a Cooking Gas Cylinder you have to pay above 1500 rupees .This is not because of any price hike ...but due to protests carried out by two tribal groups in Manipur.The Kuki Tribe has been demanding for a new district and some part of this area belongs to the Naga Tribes...Now both tribes are on protests to protect their land by blocking the to National highways connecting Manipur to India. 

Manipur cut off from India since 2 months:
          The protesters have blocked two National Highways NH-53 and NH 39 which connects Manipur to rest of India in Senapati District since August 1....as a result essential commodities are being blocked or burned by the agitators .The demand for petrol and diesel is in rise many are staying in long Queue for the entire day to get a litre of petrol or diesel.

                It seems the Indian Government that Indian Government have forgotten Governance and  is merely sitting and watching such protests in demand for new state or district ...Think about this a state virtually cut off from rest of the Country...... The protests including the Telegana protests is causing great distress to common people and commuters ....Its time the Government crackdown such protests or  take a decision to declare a new state as fast as possible if required ..but some of these protests seem to be politically motivated and for individual benefits.

July 17, 2011

MAD Life
      How many of us are living a MAD life ....Making a Difference Life .. Recently in internet I came across a Youth Volunteer network named M.A.D ..comprising college students and young professionals.A group of educated youngsters  who  help underprivileged children with their education.These young leaders teach the children who are deprived of Basic education...They help these children by improving their communication skills, computer skills and their overall personality.

What does a M.A.D volunteer Do :
        A M.A.D volunteer has to work just two hours a week ...M.A.D gives you the syllabus  to teach ..which is actually from Cambridge.Come join the ranks as a MAD volunteer and be the difference that you wish to see in the world.I too wished to Join M.A.D here in Hyderabad and contacted them ..But a M.A.D Volunteer should join the cause and work for at least for 1 year...which i couldn't with my current commitments.

So how M.A.D started :
        The Make A Difference project was initiated by a group of 20 college students who saw a huge gap and disparity in the way rich and the poor learned. The Indian Education system caused a huge gap between the true divide in India - The Rich and The Poor. Make a Difference with a vision “To bridge the inequality in society through education" was thus first initiated in Cochin, Kerala.

Why M.A.D:
           Indian Education is such that poor children from the underprivileged Indian society do get primary education but they drop out after 10th due to the lack of financial support or to lack of facilities for higher education.India has highest number of school dropouts all over the world.
            M.A.D ensures the underprivileged children are brought into the main stream so they can chose their careers based on their potential and interests and not their financial constraints.

       So Go join the M.A.D community and Make the difference you want to make in your Life..........below is video that gives you a idea what M.A.D does....

May 5, 2011

 You tube video - Pakistani School girls about India: 
   Recently one of my friends in Facebook ...shared a you tube video on how Pakistan school girls think about India and Indians ....I clicked the link and watched the video...I found it interesting how common people from Pakistan  thought that India and Pakistan should forget the tension between each other and  help each other out as both are developing nation and affected adversely by Terrorism of all kinds.I would thank who has uploaded the video on You tube....I am sharing the video on this post ...

courtesy :

More Interesting Than the Video - comments on it:
    But more interesting was not the video but the comments below the video ...It seemed as if Indian and Pakistan netizens  were fighting out abusing each other ...I think they don't even have the common sense of little School Girls ..who felt the better part .I am posting a screen shot of the page below 

    I have just pasted first few comments ,For more of the comments for this video please visit the site http://www.youtube.com/all_comments?v=81cfly1npRA  but before that I ask you read those remember the remaining comments are little abusive...
   I do agree  ...Pakistan does support Terrorism against India and protect terrorists in its Nation but Its not the common People who love peace who support Terrorism,Its Pakistan  military,ISI and Pakistan Government who are in war against India ...  and its just for political and financial benefits ....and don't forget the Indian Politicians who have used war of words against Pakistan for Political gains and the fight in the name of Hindutva ( terrorism in name of Hinduism).The Osama row has further strengthened the theory of Pakistan protecting terrorism but I just hope it doesn't affect the India Pakistan Peace process.

April 24, 2011

Why Endosulfan Should be Banned ?
ENDOSULFAN a deadly pesticide sprayed in crops ,the effects of endosulfan is deadly on humans.The UNO classifies endosulfan as highly hazardous pesticide and banned in 62 countries.The usage of Endosulfan in India is high especially the pesticide is used for crops like cashew plantations,rubber and cotton plantations.But now the pesticide is used in small concentrations even for food crops. The pesticide was used heavily on cashew plantations in Kerala and later was banned in the state by the state Government as a study on Endosulfan effects showed greater Abnormalities such as mental retardation, cancer and infertility in the victims.Kasargod in north Kerala has thousands of people and children with extreme neurological and congenital deformities.

" In my previous post The Hell in Kerala - God's Own Country  have already given details on how the people of Kasargod in Kerala have suffered due to this Deadly Pesticide."

Why Central Government doesn't want to ban Endosulfan:
            Even after repeated request from Kerala State Government the UPA Government seems to be reluctant to ban the deadly Pesticide.Its Interesting that  the Central Government is not convinced by the report  submitted by the government's National Institute of Occupational Health on the harmful effects of Endosulfan in 2002. But now the government has gone for  a fresh study by the Indian Council of Medical Research after  National Human Rights Commission intervened in December 2010 after Kerala Government's repeated requests.
               In October 2010  At the Stockholm convention India was the only country to oppose other 61 countries, for including endosulfan in annexure 'A' of Persistent Organic Chemicals,which would have helped easy ban of the pesticide.India's explained that there was no adverse health effects by the pesticide even though studies in kerala showed how harmful the pesticide acts on human even after years.
India accounts for 70 per cent of the world production and consumption of endosulfan, and the Government doesn't want the economic side of the pesticide to be lost. Also many argue that the pesticide is more effective and less cost than many other Pesticides.Join my campaign against Endosulfan and help ban Endosulfan in India …..Post your comments and share this post.

Easter - Time to celebrate:
  Its Easter and Cash - rich Christian community in northern Kerala districts celebrate it grant.But the patients in Alappuzha government hospital had to bear the pain of the celebrations.On 22nd at this hospital doctors conducted mass operations of at least 25 operations mainly Caesaereans  in 2 days in order to freely celebrate Easter.
       Many cases were operated prior to the date already told and who could wait till next week for delivery.Patients complained that the surgeries were conducted in a hurry so that the doctors could be off duty during Easter weekend holidays.

Lack of Facilities:
         The Government hospital is under equipped for such a mass operation but the doctors seemed to be not concerned about the fact.Many patients even didn't get basic facilities and medical care.More than a dozen mothers with their newborns could be seen lying on the floor of the hospital, lacking post-delivery care.

        P K Sreemathi, Minister for Health, Kerala said "What the doctors have done is wrong. We are taking it very seriously and have constituted a probe panel. We are planning to include two experts from the Medical College too in the team."

April 16, 2011

JaganMohan Reddy to Become  Richy Rich MP:
    Jaganmohan Reddy filing his nomination papers from the Kadapa Lok Sabha constituency in Andhra Pradesh has declared his assets of Rs.365 crore.He could become one of India’s richest Members of Parliament (MP).The son of Y S Rajasekhara Reddy has provided assets  worth Rs 363 crores, apart from the properties, cash and jewelery  in his wife Bharati's name worth Rs 77.43 crores.JaganMohan Reddy a former congress MP has created headache for ruling Congress party after he left congress starting a new party YSR congress Party.Many  top AP congress leaders have been supporting Jagan and have joined YSR congress Party.

How Jagan Became Richer:
           It took years of hard work and luck for TATA, INFOSYS ,and many other top corporate heads to setup multi-billion firms ...but it took just a matter of 5 to 8 years for Jagan to build Rs.365crores worth business empire.Jagan has shares in top cement and power projects spread across south India. He also owns Sakshi TV and newspaper in Andhra Pradhesh.

In 7 years 44,6481 per cent Increase  in Wealth:
           In 2004 Jagan's assests were just worth 8.19lakhs,this was when his Father YSR was not yet the chief Minister of Andhra Pradhesh,But in 2009 Jagan elected as Mp in a Congress ticket declared his assets as Rs.77.40 crores.A increase of 372 percent of wealth in 5 years when YSR completed his first term as Chief Minister. Now the present assests are worth Rs.363 crores a staggering increase of 446481% from 2004 to 2011.

        Its clear how Jagan has used his fathers power to improve his business,Its only after the YSR became CM Jagan has invested in Big projects and established his business empire.Or may be its Jagan's skills and management techniques which may have helped him to turn into a business magnet.People of Andhra have great respect to Jagan's father late CM YSR Reddy ,YSR started and implemented various policies for the benefit of poor even though he looted and robbed the nation's wealth.