November 5, 2010

               After a long gap I am back again with my blog...I got shifted to Hyderabad from Kanyakumari for my PG and lack of Internet in my campus has kept me away from blogging.But it has been nice one month in Hyderabad - the city of pearls.   
                    During Dasara I was in Hyderabad ;Hindus celebrate Dasara to honor the triumph of warrior Goddess Durga over the buffalo demon,mahishasura.When people were on celebration mood ,Dalit scholars of Osmania University  came out with claims that  Mahishasura was just a dalit king killed by an Aryan queen. The scholars  urged people not to celebrate Dasara and asked the dalits to support them.Even they garlanded mahishasura and celebrated Dasara as a black day.

          With more dalits turning into christanity in Andhra ...the latest Osmania row not surprising.As Osmania  university has been a hub for anti -hindu remarks and activities since few years.The claims of Osmania university has made many orthodox hindus in the state  angry. The Hindus feel that Dasara is celebrated as a victory of good against evil and Osmania is just trying to increase hatred among communities. 

Remember that Osmania University was the centre of protests during the telegana row.The hindus claim that its not dalits in Andhra who are trying to defame hindus and hinduism ...but the money flowing through Christian missionaries and the christian dalit lobby in Osmania University.

       A Dalit scholar from Osmania university said  “Nowhere in the world does anyone celebrate a death,”  “Nowhere in the world have Gods killed people except in India”.But Osmania Universty claims seems to be baseless as they are unable to produce any proof on the recent claims....The government should act fast and take action against OU for hurting religious sentiments.

             Today when the whole nation is celebrating Diwali ... Dalit scholars of Osmania university is observing it as death anniversary of Narakasura ( in Andhra diwali is celebrated as victory of Lord Krishna over Narakasura).Come on India lets stop dividing the nation and its people in the name of religion and castes.wake up..

                                Happy Diwali ..............................

October 1, 2010

     Every Indian wishes that Kashmir should always be the valley of beauty rather than the valley of violence. The present turmoil and the non-stop curfew and protests valley has witnessed since last month has showed the inability of both state and central Government to maintain peace in the state.
The congress led People’s party governing the state failed to seek the support of the Kashmir under young but inexperienced CM Omar Abdullah. Even though for the past few months the State saw a steady decrease in number of militant infiltration across the border from neighbouring Pakistan …more than 55 people have died in recent protests and clashes. When the state government tried to establish itself for its efficient governing against terrorism, the Indian army has claimed its efficient border guarding policies to be the winner. May be it’s the fate of the Kashmir valley always to be violent and bath in blood even after steady decrease in infiltration and militant attacks.
It’s not the violence and protest in streets of the valley but …the youth have taken up the protest to Facebook, twitter and YouTube messages that showed up. When we look at global protests, in modern protests against governments internet and web played an important role– be it in USA, China, Pakistan or Myanmar. When curfew was imposed streets...Protests started to flood through social networking sites. The Kashmiri youngsters found a new solace in social websites….as they were isolated from rest of India …they faced restrictions like ban to prepaid Sims…ban to text messages and ban to form students group. But what really hurts them is the ASPFA act which denied them freedom and imposed restricted life. The social media helped the Kashmiris to reach out the world and gain global exposure to their problems. This not only gained global exposure to their problems ….but entire India learnt the plight of poor Kashmiris and the need to address their problems.
So what does this protests signify … what are these protests for?
The protesters on streets shouted out the slogans "GO INDIA GO, QUIT KASHMIR"...and does that mean they need independence from India. To some extent it does mean that Kashmiris are shouting out for a free Kashmir. But the fact is that India does not want to leave Kashmir…but Kashmir always remained a shadow of developing India in the midst of extremism and India- Pak wars. Kashmir has not changed much from what it was in past. Kashmir has always been a sensitive issue for India….be it with terrorism or Pakistan’s claim to attain the state. The Indian Government even feels that the present up rise of protests is a game played by Pak ISI and Lashkar-e-Taiba a Pakistan based militant group. But real problem that Kashmiris are protesting for is violation of human rights under ASPFA act. But a study conducted by Chatham House shows that more than 70% people support independence from both Pakistan & India.
So when did the new protests start?
Protests are not new in the valley but the new series of protests started on June 11.A 17-year-old student died when he was hit by a tear gas shell fired by security personnel. After that more than 100 people were killed by during protests…resulting in more anger spreading the valley. The AFSP Act gives the security forces a power to shoot and arrest common people in ground of mere suspicion and without any warrant.
What did Indian Government do?
The Indian government came forward for peace talks with separatists only after more than 100 Kashmiris lost their life in protests. The Indian Government earlier pointed the fingers on Pakistan and Pakistan based extremists for sparking these protests.
But later the Indian Government had to step down for peace talks with Separatists as protests continued to surface...and Omar Abdullah, Kashmir's chief minister pressurised the central government to resolve the matter.
India Government formed and sends an All-party delegation to Kashmir to study the protests and for talks with Separatists. The separatists have put forward some demands for peace …but Indian Government seems not in mood to listen all these demands. The demands include revoking un-rightful laws like AFSP Act and accepting Kashmir as a global dispute a step to form an independent Kashmir.
What Next…?
Indian Government has decided to release all protesters arrested and withdraw curfew in certain regions. To find the real consensus of Kashmiris a group of intellectuals will be formed and implied to sustain peace in Kashmir. In past too during different ruling parties have formed groups to retain peace in the valley but nothing happened only increasing tension in common people. But the scenario is different here...the protests saw more exposure this time whole India listened to the plight of Kashmiris. Let’s hope Kashmir will find Peace …in the following .
What do you feel …what can the government do further to retain peace in the valley……Is Kashmir an international dispute..? send your comments.

September 13, 2010

  When huge political debates are going on the nuclear bill and liability of nuclear suppliers after nuclear accidents …Did you think that after the Bhopal Incident our leaders were more careful about industrial and chemical disasters and its safety measures…and that’s why they had a huge debate on nuclear bill and its liability in Parliament …Then you are making yourselves fools …..I would like to invite you to Kerala-famously known as God’s own country. Famous for its greenery and natural beauty Kerala is a world famous tourist spot. Kerala has highest literacy rate in the nation. But Education and lust to earn more have made keralites fools. They have started clearing paddy fields and coconut farms and turned into cash crops such as rubber and cashewnuts. In the run to greater yield …Malayalees are using unethical and harmful pesticides in cashew plantations.

 Now let’s visit a district in Kerala – Kasaragod ………once known for its greenery today Kasaragod is haunted by diseases and tragedy. Thanks to hamlets of cashew plantations spread along the district. The diseases are side effects of ENDOSULFAN a deadly pesticide sprayed in these plantations. The UNO classifies ENDOSULFAN as highly hazardous pesticide and banned in 62 countries. Even though Endosulfan is banned now ….for 26 years Kerala Government sprayed the deadly pesticide in government owned cashew plantations under Plantation Corporation of Kerala.

The Pesticide was sprayed aerially with specially used helicopters .As the plantations are mainly in mountainous areas, the pesticide drains and gets washed down the slopes during rains into drinking water below. Consuming this water will result in diseases ranging from physical deformities, cancers, birth disorders and damages to brain and nervous system. During 2000-2001 the victims got huge media exposure and resulted in Study on the victim’s .The study of Endosulfan effects showed greater Abnormalities such as mental retardation, cancer and infertility in the victims. But the pesticide and fertilizer industries where very fast to rubbish the studies. Endosulfan is manufactured and distributed in India by Hindustan Fertilisers limited.

It’s clear that the usage of the Pesticide on the Kerala government owned cashew plantation was a result of nexus between Government officials and Pesticide industries. In Kerala all other cashew plantations are grown without pesticides. The Kerala government spend millions on Pesticides to increase yield and have poisoned the fertile land. India is the largest producer of Endosulfan in the world and also the consumer. It’s not only Kerala facing the dilemma of Endosulfan, Recent reports show some parts of Karnataka too affected badly by the usage of Endosulfan Pesticide.

Even though the Kerala cashew plantations corporation has stopped aerial spraying Endosulfan in Kasaragod instead they have started using a newer pesticide. Endosulfan has been banned for 2 years in Kerala but Kerala Government is discussing about revoking the ban. People are still facing the side effects of Endosulfan in Kerala and Karnataka but the Indian Government has not yet banned the deadly chemical. The Pesticide is still used for cotton and Cashew plantations in many parts of the nation …Karnataka, Punjab, Assam and Andhra Pradesh. India needs an effective chemical norm and should enact a chemical & pesticide policy which would help people affected from chemical accidents & disasters; also stop usage of deadly pesticides for agriculture. Even during the Bhopal gas tragedy Government did nothing for the victims. The victims of Endosulfan also were turned down by the Government ….It is clear that all these chemical disasters are due to ignorant and negligent policies from the Government…..

Join my campaign against Endosulfan and help ban Endosulfan in India …..Post your comments ...and share this post.

September 5, 2010

    Indian Parliamentarians who were drawing a monthly salary of Rs 16,000 have got a 3-fold hike in their pay. The job is blessed by many freebies, apart from the tax free wage of Rs 30000.... With office expenses of Rs 20,000 and a constituency allowance of Rs 20,000… now the government has increased their constituency allowance and conveyance by four-fold. MPs get interest free loan money to buy a car, get petrol paid from government money, and make as many free phone calls both STD and ISD. Residence free with free furniture, the electricity, the water, the gardeners, the plants and  security guards to cover  life. There are also allowances to wash curtains and sofa covers and a funny allowance of Rs 1,000 per day to attend Parliament, a MP’s only major job and each MP gets a minimum Rs 2 crore to spend on our constituencies. Then yes I don’t have an absolute data on back door payments (bribe).Here is something I heard from a small road contractor he says he has to pay the MP of the constituency 2 lakhs from the money sanctioned for the work.

Let’s see how poor the Members of Parliament are ………Out of 543 MPs in Lok Sabha, 315 are crorepatis. More than 70% of Rajya Sabha MPs are also millionaires. The assets declared during election more than Rs 30 crore for each MP and for the lok Sabha each MP has an asset greater than 6 crores. It’s Surprising and I still wonder why our country is still rated as a poor nation. After each term an MP increases his assets by 200 to 300 %.But there are many more MP who have declined to reveal their assets.

Its seems that to be a member of party you need to be a crorepati or millionaire ….even in regional parties ….the selection is based on your assets. For example DMK in Tamilnadu have more than 80% of their members Crorepatis ….When some are business high profiles ….ruling highly profitable fields from, Media, Cinema cable TV distribution to sand mining and Real estate business …

     It’s not a secret that MPs in Office increase their assets and concentrate to improve their business firms …rather than concentrating on their constituencies. But the MPs still need more …they say they are paid less for their job …they are under paid ….

     We people who select the MPs to represent us in Parliament make them richer with our money ....and they buy us using that money for the next term in Parliament .They make us pay huge taxes and face inflation while they receive tax free salary and They don’t even attend parliament sessions …..Many MPs have visit parliament less than 10 days a year. More than 60% of MPs we elect have criminal cases and what can we expect from them.

     As a citizen of a nation I have to say that the Government need to establish Committee to look on the Salary and other incentives of Parliamentarians……It’s astonishing how MPs can ask for such a hike in salary with flood of allowances …when the country is under rising inflation and poverty.

     When will  they wake up ………….rather when will we wake up...…Electing ………them back into power after every term .

August 26, 2010

      We have seen great and well planned jewellery and diamond thefts in Bollywood and Hollywood movies like doom,ocean's 11.On August 23 rd a Jewellery exhibition in Mumbai witnessed such a theft by a gang of three Mexican men and a Venezuelan woman,who picked up and  fled with a box of 1800 diamonds worth 6.6 crores.

         The group landed  mumbai on august 17th from different regions of South America.The group had to plan for a week to target the jewellery stall  owned by Israeli company Dalumi....while the men gained the attention of the lone salesperson ,the woman picked up the box of diamonds without getting noticed.

       While  the salesperson  found that a box of diamond is missing ,the gang boarded flight to Dubai.The police arrived and checked security cameras which showed the thief performing their act.Immediately police informed the Interpol and the the gang was arrested on landing at Dubai.It was found that the gang had swallowed a few diamonds and a few hidden in their jackets..........The theifs have been flown back to India and the police had recovered 1600 diamonds of 1800.

   So a sensational script for a bollywood thriller.........lets  wait for the movie.... 

August 18, 2010

       A no-ball in a cricket match between India and Sri lanka gaining such a national importance ..the incident was shown as flash news and played throughout news channels ...i really had laugh at great cricketers and officials commenting on news channels on the incident...thats India and its cricket fans.As per news and what we saw Sehwag was denied his century by the Kumar-Suraj after suraj Randic balled a noball when india needed one run to win and sewag needed one run for century....the scorers and umpire declared that india won with the noball and sewag is still at 99.So is it right why cant be the total 7 runs scored in the ball added to score board. let us look at the laws......

Law 24 (No ball)

Runs  from a No ball

The one run penalty for a No ball shall be scored as a No ball extra. If other penalty runs have been awarded to either side, these shall be scored as in Law 42.17 (Penalty runs). Any runs completed by the batsmen or a boundary allowance shall be credited to the striker if the ball has been struck by the bat; otherwise they also shall be scored as No ball extras.

The law clearly says that any runs completed by the batsman, or a boundary, off a no ball shall be credited to the striker.Sehwag Hit a sixer. His score – unless the scorer is a fool – should have been 105*. So thats the truth....

Lets see the other lets hope that if Randiv bowled a noball and sewag was stumped or run out by sangakara what will be the result ....sewag out and india still need a run to win ......So, if his dismissal off a no ball counts, why were the runs he scored off that no ball not counted to his name?

This is not to state an excuse to what sangakkara or randiv did but just stating the game by rules .....Yes Lankans have done this to Sachin in Cuttuck when he was 99*....................

But Indian Media should stop being childish ....and making sensational news out of nothing...

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The Great Indian caste system

A country which proudly records to be the largest democracy in the world …..India has a unique constitution written especially to accompany and cope with its very unique diversity. The nation is multilingual, multicultural and multi-religious with a diverse geography from Jammu to Kanyakumari. Even though many Indians after Independence thought that a Nation which has mutually exclusive people with their distinct cultures and beliefs would always downplay India’s dream to become one of the developed Nations. We have shown the world how united Indians are and rose as one of the top developing nations in the world. But even after celebrating 64th Independence Day...We Indians have not stopped discriminating each other in name of caste and religion.

India had earlier banned discrimination and untouchability in name of caste…but recently political parties are roaring to undergo a caste based census. Indian Government recently decided that it’s time for dividing and counting people based on their caste.

In India caste system has prevailed from ancient times. But then caste system was usually based on the job each group of people were assigned to perform. For example Brahmin’s performed rituals in Temples, while the Kshatriya’s were destined to be warriors for their country. But with India developing time has changed ….now the warriors or soldiers of Indian army are not from a particular caste …now the job each person is completely based on his skills and education. Even ministers and MP’s are from different castes as today each caste have a political party representing them. The government has now started reservation for backward classes in Education / employment. It’s good for the nation in one way as the poor and underprivileged get a chance to shine with the nation but what happens is the people who are skilled or talented for a job/education loss their opportunity to shine with the nation. Let us look on the reservations in IIT …last year an IIT had to dismiss 5 students who got admission through reservation as they lacked basic knowledge and skills to be in IIT’s.

The main cause of discrimination in name of caste and touch ability which still prevails in some parts of India is illiteracy. India’s education system lacks the depth to reach the poor and underprivileged people who are placed in villages. Rather than doing things to provide a more universal education system …the politicians are trying to use this caste inequality for political gains. More than a caste based census India needs a census that covers details of income and assets of each citizen…and reservations should be truly based on assets/income and not caste.How many of you know that there is a caste named AJATH ( no caste) in India with more than 400 members.We even dont know how many castes are their in india .....if ever we count down the castes it means we are divding India.

The recent cry for caste based census is truly under political influence. With more regional parties in alliance with UPA government …they have asked for caste based census as most of the regional parties are powered by caste. Every political party is considering each scheme sanctioned for the people just as a tool towards success in next election. The politicians are looking for the DIVIDE AND RULE POLICY that the British did in India.

Yes, the government argues that caste based census would help in reaching out for the poor and underprivileged people in the nation. But with more reservations and benefits for lower caste people don’t be surprised to see people just jumping from higher caste to lower caste eying the benefits. (This is not new I know many friends who have changed Gods Just for financial benefits).In India, democracy has become a flexible tool that can be twisted as needed by political parties….For common people the definition of democracy “for the people ,of the people ,by the people” has changed to “ for the rich ,of the rich, by the rich”.

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July 26, 2010

   Have you ever felt that you are addicted to social networking sites like orkut ,facebook ? Have you ever  felt bad about being unable to chat with your virtual friends daily ? Then its time to look whether you are addicted to your virtual world and whether  you are a social being in your real world  as you are in the virtual world.

   I have seen many guys who yell at their friends ," Hey I have 600 facebook fans " .......and some proud guys just count out their tweets and shout out that they have 10000 tweets and 500 followers ...oh ya....
I wonder many fans or friends they have in the real World ? When many guys don't even have a single girl friend in the real world ...they flirt with a dozen girl friends at the same time in social networking sites like orkut or Facebook.

Cool Orkut

  Even though I came to orkut to make friends ,within few weeks I felt little annoying  that many virtual friends want me to share my personal life with them ,when i have never once in my lifetime have met that guy/girl.
Later I even thought of deleting my orkut account ...but changed my stand when I felt that scraping and orkuting is the easiest ways ...I could use to be in touch with my old schoolmates and friends...spread across the globe.

My 100th Tweet

  Thanks to Shashi Tharoor and Feroz Khan (No he is not a film star - just my school mate ) .... I got introduced to Twitter .I found twitter pretty interesting as I was able to interact with some great personalities ( Dalai lama ,Shashi tharoor,Sharukh khan ...and at last Sachin Tendulkar).Then I found myself on the other side trying to cope with my friends on the tweets posted.Many of my friends were tweeting every minute like ," I am now having dinner"..." I am with my dog now ".....and even some cricket fans(mads) started commentary of matches through tweets....When I hardly had 100 tweets friend already had gone past the 1000 mark.Anyway after my 100th tweet I proudly stated ,"Thanks my last this is my 100th tweet".

FaceBook Fever

   Then came the facebook fever,the privacy issues and frequent facebook invitations forwarded to my inbox by my friends were not enough to provoke me to open a facebook account.But my cousin who just completed 10th took me to the facebook world.......He just wanted me to be his neighbour in Farm ville.I was surprised and happy for a 10th std student ...who wanted to look after his farm in virtual world daily ( without watering his farm he wont go to bed ).....But when I asked him whether he wished to plant a tree outside his house and water it daily....He just shocked me saying politely ...," No brother its lot of hard work and I don't want to waste  time ..I don't even have time to study".

The Orkut Suicide
  One day one of my friends asked me how he can delete his orkut account . I was happy and even congratulated him to taking such a step which I couldn't......I gave the steps in detail for deleting his orkut profile.Later he  gave me a message that he wanted to stop orkuting and migrate to facebook as he found that he didn't have enough time to spare for both.

      Anyway don't misunderstand me  that I am against social networking sites ....and stopping you from scraping or tweeting ...The truth is that sites like orkut ,facebook have their own advantages ....but sometimes people occasionally use these sites for little matured things and only disadvantage is that they later get addicted to these virtual world's.But ya I am still tweeting ,sending scraps and blogging.............

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July 10, 2010

                  Georgia Government have put forward a new claim that a woman from a remote mountain village here  turned 130 on 9/07/2010, making her the current  oldest person on Earth. Antisa Khvichava is  from western Georgia was born on July 8, 1880,She used to work as a Tea and Corn Picker in 1965 but now she has retired from that job.
       Antisa Khvichava's age couldn't immediately be independently verified as she lost her  birth certificate .. She has lived a century which saw great  revolutions and a civil war which followed the collapse of the Russian Empire.But Meurnishvili showed two old  Soviet-era documents that he claims to be  attest to her age.  officials, neighbors, friends, and descendants backed up her claim as the world's top senior.
    The World Gerontology Research Group currently recognizes 114-year-old Eugenie Blanchard of France, as the world's oldest person. The organization is yet to examine Khvichava's claim.Khvichava doesnt have a huge family,she has a son, 10 grandchildren, 12 great grandchildren and six great grandchildren. Khvichava's 70-year-old son Mikhail apparently was born when his mother was 60. She said she also had two children from a previous marriage, but says they died of hunger during World War II.
 Lets hope she gets her claim gets validated and become the official World's oldest person.

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July 9, 2010

                 In Kerala - Gods Own Country ..........Professor TJ Joseph was attacked by eight people on Sunday and his hand was cut off accused of insulting Islam in an exam paper.The professor is  recovering in hospital in the town of Muvattupuzha in Kerala state. Two activists of the predominantly Muslim Popular Front of India (PFI) were arrested on Monday in connection with the attack.

      At the time of the incident , Prof Joseph had been suspended from his position in the Roman Catholic-run Newman college in the town of Thodupuzha and was facing possible criminal charges for blasphemy and negligence.He was arrested and granted bail in April for hurting religious sentiments....Earlier Protests where carried out in Kerala against him............angry protests in Thodupuzha were carried out by various Muslim organisations in March when the question paper containing  derogatory reference to the Prophet Muhammad first broke and several people were injured in clashes with police.

 Even though the Kerala Government says that this is Rare incident in the small Peace loving state .........The fact is that such Religious motivated and political motivated attacks are common in Kerala ...especially in Kannur and Wayanad Regions of the State.

   Meanwhile the family Members of the Professor stated to Media that they have forgiven the attackers.They stated saying the attack took place due to clear misunderstanding and the Professor never wrote any deogatory reference to the Prophet Muhammed.

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July 6, 2010

 Inflation in India and China is rising to new heights after Both Governments are finding it difficult to Tackle the problem effectively.
           India's food inflation rose  in June and reached double figure mark , India's food price index rose 16.90 per cent in the year to June 12, higher than the previous week's annual reading of 16.12 per cent, The fuel price index remained unchanged at 13.18 percent in the year to June 12.Recent hike in Petrol Price would certainly affect rise in inflation directly..No doubt that cost of living would rise.Recently The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has raised rates twice,to curb on the inflation rise.
          Now the hope is on the Monsoon Gods ..If India receives it full Quota of rain scarcity of food grains and agricultural products would be removed and this will certainly reduce the steady rise in inflation.

                    In China ,the shares have come down to 15 month low - increasing concerns over China's economic Growth.Also is the rise in cost for living in China due to steady rise in Inflation.The Consumer Prices Index (CPI) increased at an annual rate of 3.1% in June - above the Chinese central bank's official target of 3%.More worryingly, producer price inflation - the cost of goods leaving the factory gate - rose to 7.1% in June.

                       China's recent decision to allow more flexibility in the exchange rate of the Chinese currency Yuan  should help slow inflation and reduce this steady rise.A rising yuan reduces the price of imports and rises demand for Chinese exports.But,the Chinese Government have only allowed the yuan to rise  gradually - the currency is up 0.9% against the dollar.

 Lets hope the two Asian Giants will come out of this Inflation Crisis as fast as possible.

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July 5, 2010

             Mahendra Singh Dhoni captain of Indian Cricket Team got arried  with his childhood friend Sakshi Singh Rawat on Sunday night in a very private ceremony at a farmhouse here attended only by his close friends and Teammates.Sakshi and Dhoni are family friends and studied in the same school Sakshi is a Hotel Management Student.
 The wedding took place at Vishranti Resorts at Bidhauli, about 25km from Dehradun, Ashish Nehra,Harbhajan Singh, RP Singh,Suresh Raina and Rohit Sharma were among Dhoni's cricketer friends who attended the marriage function.

Dhoni's friend  and bollywood actor John Abraham and bollywood director-choreographer Farah Khan attended the marriage.........

Dhoni captained India during the Famous 2007 ICC World Cup Twenty20 win and  CB Series of 2007-08,  Border-Gavaskar trophy 2008 beating Australia ...He recently captained the Asia Cup winning Indian Team .Dhoni is the only Indian player to receive ICC ODI Player of the Year award two times in 2008 and 2009.

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