April 21, 2010

    Brazil Government gives rights to develop Belo Monte dam along Amazon River,inspite of the argument that thousands of people will be displaced ,the ecosystem of amazon will be damaged and will threaten the survival of indigenous groups in amazon forests.
    A consortium of nine companies has won the right to build a hydroelectric dam on a tributary of the Amazon in Brazil.Brazil's electricity regulator said the Norte Energia consortium would build the Belo Monte dam, to which indigenous groups and environmentalists object. It is led by the state-owned Companhia Hidro Eletrica do Sao Francisco. Officials say the dam on the Xingu River is crucial for development, but critics argue thousands of people will be displaced and an ecosystem damaged.
           About 500 people gathered on Tuesday outside the offices of the Brazilian Electricity Regulatory Agency (Aneel) in the capital, Brasilia, to protest against the auction. The environmentalist group, Greenpeace, dumped several tonnes of manure at the door to demonstrate what it said was "the legacy that the Lula government is leaving by insisting on this project".
       Environmental groups say the Belo Monte dam will threaten the survival of indigenous groups, and the lives of up to 40,000 people could be affected as 500 sq km of land would be flooded. Luis Xipaya, an indigenous leader in the city of Altamira, near the proposed dam, said 150 Xikrin Kayapo Indians would move to the construction site by Wednesday.


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