April 28, 2010

   China has removed travel restrictions for foreigners who suffer from HIV and AIDS.The move have is very significant as discrimination against HIV infected people is on rise in south asian countries like India and China.The newly amended law, published on the Chinese government website, comes ahead of the opening of the Shanghai World Expo on Saturday, which expects 100m visitors.

      The World health organisation has welcomed the decision as "a significant step in the right direction". Dr Margaret Chan, WHO Director-General, said: "This decision should inspire other nations to change laws and policies that continue to discriminate against people living with HIV. "Many policies that discriminate against people living with HIV were enacted at a time when AIDS was surrounded by widespread fear and hopelessness. "With HIV prevention and treatment now saving millions of lives, this is no longer the case. Policies that help curb discrimination can help prevent further transmission," she said.

         UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said in a statement: "Punitive policies and practices only hamper the global AIDS response. "I urge all other countries with such restrictions to remove them as a matter of priority and urgency."


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