April 30, 2010

               In an achievement that can revolutionize and change medical treatment for bleeding wounds, researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology - Kanpur (IIT-K) campus from the Department of Biological Sciences and Bio-Engineering claim to have developed a polymer that can stop bleeding in five seconds when applied to a wound.
      According to the researchers, the polymer named Natural Polymer Sponge (NPS) has been developed from a chemical found in crab shells, and can help control excessively bleeding wounds that can be fatal.Ashok Kumar Kaul, Assistant Professor in the Bio-Sciences and Bio-Engineering Department told that such a polymer that promotes haemostasis, which is the process of preventing the blood flow from an injured body part, has not yet been developed elsewhere."Creams and ointments available in the market to promote haemostasis give only partial relief and most of the times are useless for controlling bleeding in major injuries," he informed.He further said that the IIT-K team had already conducted trials of the polymer on animals and would now begin clinical testing of the product and also apply for a patent.
     The NPS polymer has many pores, similar to a sponge that can easily absorb large volumes of blood to help curb bleeding.It has been designed in such a way that it will have the same effect during all seasons.


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