April 27, 2010

       The failure of the cryogenic engine has left ISRO with a tough task of regaining its Credibility...The tumbling of GSLV D3 into sea on April 15 shocked India.So will this failure affect the future space projects of India..........................
   India was looking forward to launch its 2nd moon mission Chandrayaan 2 using GSLV by 2013,the failure of cryogenic engine has also shadowed the project.But for now ISRO has two Russian Engines of the seven it bought from India ....One will be used to launch ISRO's GSAT 5P satellite and GSAT -6 communication satellites.Already feeling confident that the GSLV -D3 with cryogenic Engine would have a successful flight ,the ISRO had planned 11 launch vehicles ..it even had started fabricating necessary systems for it.
     So with ISRO saying that it would relaunch the Cryogenic engine within next year to success ,its future depends on that successful launch.


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