May 4, 2010

             Mohammad Ajmal Amir Kasab, 22 a Pakistani National , has been found guilty on charges including murder, waging war on India and possessing explosives during 2008 Mumbai attacks. The attacks left 174 people - including nine gunmen - dead, and worsened  ties between India and Pakistan. As Indian Media praised Indian judiciary and Investigation Agencies ...The truth is that Ajmal Kasab is really a victim and just a carrier of Terrorism but the real culprits are roaming free in Pakistan.
     The Residents of Faridkot,Kasab's village , reject any connection of Kasab but believe India should leave him free in the interests of peace.As the 22-year-old Pakistani  stood  in court to hear his fate ,  people in Faridkot, about 26 kilometres from the Indian border, watched TV waiting to hear the verdict.Residents said they would denounce any sentence India hands down to Kasab only because he is Muslim.
   I don't really understand why these people believe that killing people for sake of Islam is good ....about 174 people died many Muslims were also present among the death and why should they denounce a verdict against such a cruelty ...
I feel Pakistanis have a real misconception about India and People of India ...this may be due to anti-India
campaigns organised by Jamaat-ud-Dawa and other organisations.Hope the peace between India and Pakistan remain for ever.

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