May 27, 2010

         BP the Oil Company has started the operation to pump mud and cement  into a breached Gulf of Mexico oil well to try to stop the flow of oil caused by a rig explosion.........The Procedure known as "Top Kill" is used first time in such Depth ...ands the success of the procedure is very low.The procedure consists of  pumping thousands of pounds of heavy fluids such as mud or cement  into a five-story stack of pipes in an attempt  to clog the well and stop the flow  of oil.The Oil spill which started a month ago has caused damage to wildlife and marine life.
            A failure in Top kill method could cause months more of leaking oil, affecting economic and causing environmental impacts across the gulf region, and mounting financial liabilities for the company. BP has spent more than  $500 million in fighting the spill.

      The recent Oil spill has caused huge worry for environmentalists.. who are now questioning the impact of oil spills on our ecology.........and have urged to stop forming oil wells on Ocean beds.

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Nalini Hebbar said...

Top kill seems a good idea...hope they succeed

Anonymous said...

top kill didnt work ...BP in risk

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