May 11, 2010

       Andy Spiers-Corbett, 39 in Britain was united with his lost father after 37 years with the help of Facebook,the social networking site.
He lost contact with his father Graham Corbett when his parents were separated, Andy typed his father's name into Facebook search and found his father from a long list of Graham Corbetts, The Daily Mail reported on its site on Tuesday.

  "There were about 15 Graham Corbett that came up but I saw this picture and my heart just started pounding. I knew it was him. It was like looking at a picture of me when I'm older," the report said quoting Andy.

 When the world is looking to be safe on Facebook due to security concerns here's a happy Facebook Family.

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Seeker said...

Hmm .. really great to hear !!

rahul said...

facebook rocks....

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