May 30, 2010

          Canadian Government, in the past few months ,denied travel visas to a number of senior serving and retired officials of the Indian Army and other Indian intelligence agencies like CBI..The Canada embassy claimed the visa denial was on the ground that the officials  have served in sensitive areas like Jammu and Kashmir and engaged in violence and human rights violations.
Indian Media and Indian Government hit out at Canada stating its action to be Biased and many claimed Indian Army and forces have one of the best Human Rights record among many other top powers.   The Canadian government says that it  only quoted  from the Amnesty International's report which says that India committed war crimes and human rights violation that led to the death of 70,000 people.        
The timing of this whole ...Canadian Visa row is interesting .yesterday a new fake encounter case was registered against Indian army.Fake encounters are not new to Indian Army...since last year the number of fake encounters on the LOC and in Jammu & Kashmir has showed a sudden rise..affecting  peace in the state.The first fake encounter that attracted attention in J&K was the killing of five people by the police and 7 Rashtriya Rifles in the Pathribal area of south Kashmir on March 25, 2000.In February 2006, 20 boys playing cricket in Doodhipora in Kupwara district were fired on by  Army personnel killing Four boys.The recent killing of three innocent youths at Sonapindi area, in Machhil sector of Kupwara district is just a new entry to the list.
The army has a reputation of Fake encounters and rapes in Manipur and these acts huge human right violation.The Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act, 1958 played a major role ..The Act, which has been in operation in Manipur since September 8, 1980, and is applicable to all the north-eastern States, allows any commissioned or non-commissioned officer or any other person of equivalent rank from the armed forces to enter and search any premises without a warrant, arrest without a warrant and even fire upon or otherwise use force, even to the extent of causing death, against any person acting in contravention of any law in the notified disturbed area.A review on the law is required to curb injustice from Army.
So why is this happening ....a steady rise in fake encounters...The staged encounters is just for monetary benefits and gallantry awards restore peace in Jammu & Kashmir India need to stop this .....or will see more youngsters attracted to Terrorism ....and hatred against the nation would be on rise.I was always proud of India in Battle field and India in Cricket field both seems to just scripted plays for money and fame.

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Indli said...

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Anonymous said...

true...indian army under pressure from..government top army men doubt kargil victory ..bad news for india

rahul arora said...

Today Indian army suffers a lot.

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