May 3, 2010

        The  price for pan-India 3G mobile spectrum telephony rose to Rs 9,920 crore on the 19th day of auction on Saturday, assuring the exchequer of Rs 40,054 crore in revenue.

        Nine bidders have increased the prices beyond the Indian government's original collection estimate of Rs 35,000 crore from sale of spectrum (air waves) for third generation mobile services and Broadband Wireless Access (BWA).With BWA spectrum yet to be auctioned, the total collections could rise further.The Highest bidding was for the New Delhi circle.Nine mobile operators, including Bharti, Vodafone, Reliance and Tata, are in the fray for 3-4 slots of 3G spectrum on the block.3G allows subscribers to download hi-speed data and stream videos on mobile telephones.

       Telecoms Minister A Raja had stated earlier that the government may earn around Rs 50,000-Rs 55,000 crore by selling 3G air waves and BWA spectrum. But  Raja, is under attack from the Opposition, to resign after allegation that the government lost 60,000 crores because of the manner in which the 2G spectrum was allocated in 2008.A.Raja is said to have awarded few spectrum's through nine separate licenses for 1600 crores. The Opposition says that had the spectrum been auctioned, the government would have earned much more revenue. With 3G auction going on lets hope no more scam occurs and let the Government earn huge revenue from the auction.
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Nalini Hebbar said...

are we now suspecting everything?

sm said...

Yes it seems that in 2g involved corruption or ignorance or fraud.
thanks nice article

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