May 28, 2010

    As Indian Government and State Governments remain helpless tackling Maoists attacks ...many people are feared dead and many injured in new attacks in West Bengal.Two trains derail after a improvised explosion goes off on tracks near Kharagpur.About 13 coaches of Kurla bound Ghyaneshwari Express derails and a  Goods train rammed into the derailed train causing more havoc.The incident took place at 1.30 AM IST .
     The Indian Home Secretary Mr.G.K,Pillai in a press release stated that about 100 people are killed and 150 injured...he also said that it was too early to say that the attack was executed by Maoists ....not ruling out  involvement of terror groups...

        The Train network in India will be affected due to the incident  Kharagpur train line is one of the busiest rail lines in India ...many trains have been diverted to other routes.Railway minister Mamtha Banerjee has rushed to the spot ...but it is really sad  that the Government is remains just a spectator  helpless and unable to crack attacks like this which kills innocent people ... My hearty condolence  to those who lost their life in the incident.Its time the Government expels Home Minister Mr.Chidambaram and the Railway Minister they are unable to crack down attacks like this.India need to change its policy towards internal security completely and look for new high end technology to curb attacks on Railways.

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Anonymous said...

government is doing nothing to curb down maoists

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