May 14, 2010

           India's Pride  the Delhi Commonwealth Games 2010 is turning out  to be a nightmare for Poor Indians......with 142 days to go for the start of the Commonwealth Games 2010 Delhi ..Excitement and controversies are on rise.
     I was really astonished to hear that millions of dollars which was to be used to fight poverty Schemes in India have been diverted and added to funds for Delhi's Commonwealth Games 2010.The amount of money the Indian Government is Spending on Commonwealth Games is now out of Control,the present expenditure is much more than the predicted budget for the  Games.The reason for such a dreadful situation is straight forward ...bad managing and planning of funds by both Central and State authorities and Corruption.

         The Housing and Land Rights Network pressure group gave the report on the diversion of funds from welfare schemes to Games fund.The report is prepared after obtaining records obtained from Government under India's right to information act. The report gives spending on the Games has gone out of control...& expenditure on sports infrastructure alone is more than 2,000% of the initial projected budget. The most disappointing thing is  more than 100,000 poor families have already been evicted due to projects connected with the Games, and up to 50,000 families are likely to be displaced before the Games begin in October,as per the report.

     I government has forgotten the Common People in its cry to develop and portray Delhi as a world-class city and an international sports destination,when millions of people still cry out of hunger and for shelter. 
It is really bad that UPA Government which supports WELFARE SCHEMES for common People is silently eroding the same funds for a sporting extravaganza.

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Rochella Shiane said...

I am very sorry to hear this. But in this world, things are just not even. Not trying to be religious, but God has a special plan for the forgotten. It will be well for them in the here-after. Also, man seems to forget that it is written, as you have done unto those in need, you have done unto Me.
Yes, corruption seems to be everywhere, as the wealthy in this world only tend to look out for their own interest and the interest of those who will keep them flourishing. I think it will be up to us, as indivisuals, to provide in whatever why we can, to the needy. Stop depending on glorified sports, for they will only look out for their own interests.

ram said...

what you posted here months before is brcoming true CWG 2010 is under corruption charges ...great post

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