May 31, 2010

                   In 1947,when the Indian state was born,not many believed that it would survive .The pessimism shown even by top leaders was not without any basis,They believed that India's vast diversity would affect the integrity of the nation.
   The multi-lingual,multi-ethnic,multi-religious ,multi-cultured nation after Partition was quite in a trauma with further voices of difference and further movements to divide the nation.but many movements to secede the nation into more parts never succeeded.
   In India communal violence do happen but these are occasional incidents ,but there are number of unnoticed incidents of religious harmony that are unsung by leaders and politicians...
   Being an Indian ,I am proud ...I enjoy a life of diversity which i can never enjoy in any other nation.Even though I am a Hindu ,I have lot friends who are Christians and Muslims.I enjoy the cultural diversity that imparts me a new identity and experience whenever I travel across the vast Nation.Even in villages ,youngsters want to dive away from the tides of religious exclusion towards an island of harmony.Its time to utilise this harmony to a new hope and spread it to stop communal fights and eradicate poverty  and corruption out of the nation. 

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Global Citizen said...

What do you mean by "would not survive". African countries have survived, Iran has survived, Vietnam and SOmalia have survived. I'm sure there are a lot of other countries where Christians, Muslims, Jews and other religions inter-mingle with each other. Whats to be proud of? Domination of men over women? Caste systems? Poverty? Lack of infrastructure? Need i go on?

Joshi Mukard said...

Good message at the end.

By the way, are you from kanyakumari?

S.R.Ayyangar said...

Adversity in diversity , that is India.

TrueIndian said...

hai citizen...wat do u mean by survival......i just wanted to say..aftr forming India and partition ...many leaders found forming India would never work...and about diversity no other large nation like India is other nation has regional inequality like india...huge number of languages ...diverse in geography ...and to survive with such conditions is something to be proud of

Anonymous said...

good...i am too proud of diversity ...India has...i too agree no other country would offer you this...but this diversity is also causing several fights

rahul arora said...

Yes,i love India because it is diverse.

raju said...

great post .....nice

Bhagwad Jal Park said...

@Global Citizen

"What do you mean by "would not survive"

Before India, people thought that democracy could only thrive under the following conditions:

1. Good development
2. Small population
3. Homogeneous culture
4. Same language throughout

Now you know what he means by "survive." In 1965, a BBC reporter covering elections in India made the claim that "This is the last time they will be held here." Nuff said.

Indian democracy is a miracle. If you're an Indian, you need to learn more about what makes your country special.

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