May 25, 2010

            Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh holds Press Conference after 4 years .......his first since his government was re-elected last year and one of only a few he has given since coming to power in 2004.
            So why doesn't a leader elected by the people to hold the Government ruling India  address the people more often,Maybe our PM is busy ruling the Nation.But a "FATHER" in a family finds time to talk to his "CHILDREN" however busy he is working hard to make his children satisfied.In India the Government remembers its "CHILDREN"(PEOPLE) only when its time for next election.Manmohan Singh recent Press meet gives a clear picture ,how his ministry is under hammer after recent Corruption charges and wrong policies.
             Lets look on the 85 minutes press conference,there was nothing new that people heard from the PM.Manmohan Singh was more interested in reviewing Rahul Gandhi's entry as minister and his relations with Sonia Gandhi ........He failed to review key issues like Naxalism and Corruption.He just stated "Naxalism remains the biggest internal security challenge facing our country ,We have not underestimated the problem of Naxalism".....Its funny but the Government has been giving the same statement after every Naxal Strikes killing innocent people.

            Manmohan Singh  also said  he is not going to retire as he has got some unfinished tasks to complete ...Lets Hope his Tasks will do some good for the People.
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