May 4, 2010

         A large number of Indian students in Australia are looking to get back refunds of their pre-paid tuition fees from Australian education institutions after their visas have been rejected following changes in the immigration policy recently.The Australian Government have refused to comment on the issue....What really hurts is that Australian government denied to disclose the total amount of prepaid tuition fees sought even if the data relating to prepaid fees and visa refusals are recorded on an electronic government database known as PRISM (Provider Registration and International Student Management System).The students after facing problems of racism are facing a new problem ...students who expected to get permanent residency in Australia are confused  the Australian government changed policies making it difficult for them to qualify for the residency.
  There was a claim earlier that the racist attacks on Indians were really due to recession and the fear that Indians are Stealing Jobs of Local Australians.The Australian Government by its new policy is making it hard for Indians to Permanently reside  in Australia and pleasing the Australians and securing their jobs.I feel that the steady decrease in Racist attacks really shows how the Australians are pleased by the new Government Policies.

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