May 20, 2010

          On May 18th At least 15 policemen and 20 civilians died when Maoists blew up a bus in a forested stretch in Chhattisgarh's Dantewada, the same district where they killed 76 security personnel over a month ago.After the previous Naxal strike which killed 76 security personnel ,the Government had said that it would take action and restore situation to stop similar attacks.Now the Recent attack have shown that the Government has done nothing to control naxalism.It is astonishing how Maoists blew the bus in the same Dantewada village and this shows  the support the Maoists have from the local tribes.In fact, in the last three years Maoists have killed a  total of 956 persons, which  included 432 police personnel, 118 Special Police Officers (SPOs) and home guards, 391 civilians and 15 government servants.
         Now the same old question rises again - why was Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) was not followed again ?Special Police Officers (SPOs) routinely travel in civilian vehicles in Chhattisgarh's Naxal-affected areas, apparently hoping that Maoists would not target such vehicles for fear of losing local support.But this time Maoists attacked the SPOs hopped onto a private bus carrying civilians after completing an operation.The SPO's clearly lack Local support of Tribes ....while the Maoists just can control the Tribes.
 Lets see what Home minister had to say after the attacks that killed 76 CRPF jawans last month ....Home Minister P Chidambaram  said something must have gone "drastically wrong." "The casualty is very high and I am deeply shocked at the loss of lives....This shows the savage nature of CPI (Maoist) and the brutality and the savagery they are capable of," he said.After recent civilian bus attack Home Minister P Chidambaram said: "Naxals don't discriminate, only kill." He said there is need to revisit tactical operations against the Maoists.As look on his comments nothing has changed in his actions against Maoists.

                      The aim of Naxalism is to “liberate India from the clutches of feudalism and imperialism”.So what can the Government do to stop naxalism,Former President A P J Abdul Kalam believes a solution to the Naxalite problem may lie in land reform and expeditious implementation of sustainable development in these tribal areas through the system called PURA -- Providing Urban Amenities in Rural Areas. It is clear the Maoists are showing their dismay against Government policies for poor tribals,even though the Government had sanctioned many policies for the Tribals ...but the truth is that the funds never reached them ,the corrupt officials never made use of such funds.Government should change its total modus-operandi in controlling the naxals and in providing funds to tribals only then the threat of naxalism would never prevail.

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Krishna Chaitanya said...

The Government is going through some initial formalities after which it may take support of the air force and the army on to the naxals.

TrueIndian said...

I dont thnk so krishna ....government would never bring army ...against naxals...bcos they dont want to use forces against their own people and would result a situation like in Srilanka

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