May 21, 2010

                 Prophet Mohammed in a Danish newspaper cartoon on 30 September 2005 did affect the sentiments of the Muslim's, terrorist groups worldwide started showing their outrage and dismay with terror strikes targeting the newspaper.As many Muslims believe any image of the Prophet is UN-Islamic now Facebook is under scanner. On facebook a offending page called "Draw Mohammed Day"was seen which is a caricatures display of the Prophet Mohammed.The Pakistan court has banned the site till may 31st.
     The idea spread fast and someone began a Facebook page called 'Everybody Draw Mohammed Day'. More than 80,000 people responded; some Islamic lawyers visited court in Pakistan and the site was banned.Many Pakistanis were seen stating that it was a Jew who did this outrageous act.
     And now YouTube .....YouTube service and more than 450 Web links are being blocked by Pak government as  Internet material on these sites   deems blasphemous ( against ISLAM).Pakistan’s Internet traffic has fallen 25 percent since the two websites were blocked.
      I think Facebook need to look on the security and privacy in its networks...Facebook did betray its users by selling their personal information's to third parties ....and I think Social networks should ban religious statements on Web.As they are becoming mediums to spread terror and hatred among people in name of religion. 

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