May 29, 2010

                 Terrorists have launched simultaneous raids on two mosques in Lahore, of the minority Ahmadi Islamic sect,  killing more than 80 innocent people.So why do terrorists who fight for Islam as Jihads target mosques - the holy places for prayer.Terrorists entered the two mosques and gunned down people mercilessly.The attack against Friday worshippers in the mosques was against Ahmadi Islamic sect.The attack was carried out by Sunni Muslim militants on Ahmadi Muslim.

        So what is Ahmadi Islamic sect......A minority Islamic sect founded in 1889, Ahmadis believe their own founder, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, who died in 1908, was a prophet.This is against belief of most Muslims who  believe the last prophet was Muhammad, who died in 632 .The Ahmadis Islamic sect which is spread across Indian subcontinent is considered as minority in Pakistan and were declared non-Muslims by Pakistani Government on 1974.

        The attack on  Ahmadi Islamic Sect shows how the militant Sunni groups .... find the beliefs of Ahmadis as un-Islamic and against the words of Muhammed - the last Prophet.Pakistani Taliban which first started its fight and jihad against westernisation and America is now turning against  minority sects within the Islamic community.Assassination in name of jihad or in the name of religion should never  be encouraged in any part of the world as no human has the right to take life he has no power to give life.

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Maverick's Musings said...

That sure was an insight. to a non-Muslim like me still the act was atrocious and throws 2 questions: Is there a broader malice with the religion itself ?? What benefit does it hv by killing people !!

Indli said...

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Anonymous said...

need to look on fight with groups within religions

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