May 1, 2010

                  The 2010 World Expo has opened in the city of Shanghai in what China hopes will be further proof of its rising global influence.Almost 250 countries and international organisations are showcasing their culture in an event themed around sustainable development. Many are doing so in pavilions with radical architecture.

  India also has setup it own pavilion with unique features.India has a domed structure influenced by an ancient buddhist monument a as its pavilion for shanghai expo 2010 designed by JWT design company.The 4,000 square meter structure will be similar to the sanchi stupa, built in the maurya dynasty (about 321-187 BC) by ashoka.

India's pavilion, however, will face stiff competition, seemingly paling in comparison to the much-grander efforts of a host of countries, from the United Kingdom and Saudi Arabia to Denmark, who have so far grabbed all the headlines in China.The U.K. pavilion, a giant porcupine-like structure with 60,000 steel rods, has attracted the biggest queues so far in the Expo's dry-runs held this week, organisers said. The Danish pavilion, which features the famous “Little Mermaid” statue, has been another favourite with the locals.
In Shanghai and across China, the Expo has divided opinion. The fair is attracting tourists from all over China's far corners, and like the Olympics, has invoked a sense of national pride in many Chinese.



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