June 28, 2010

                The world famous Gloves that Michael Jackson wore during his concerts has sold out at an auction for $190,000.The crystal studded Gloves earned more compared to other belongings of Jackson sold at the Auction.The glove, was worn by Jacksons' during the 1984 Victory tour, was among over 180 items on sale, which sold for $1m in total.

      In September 2009....when Jackson passed away his gloves went for $49,000,This shows how the value of the celebrity and the rise in his fans. Jackson's loafers,were expected to earn between $2,000 and $3,000 but was sold out for $90,000.His jackets earned $120,000,  its estimate was  $6,000 and $8,000.

Meanwhile when fans around the world  paid tribute to Michael Jackson on the first death anniversary on Friday...Jackson's father was busy suing his doctor who he has complained to have given Jackson an overdose of drugs.

 Michael Jackson is earning more within a year after his death ...than what he earned from his living.

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June 27, 2010

     The Chinese Army People's Liberation Army (PLA) has banned its army men from using blogs on the Internet.The PLA has stated this in order to protect the armymen from "online traps and Hacks " and ensure any data leak from its servers.It is interesting since China is said to have its own Cyber Army of Hackers ..who are busy hacking and stealing  information from US and Indian Government websites.PLA has  banned soldiers from creating blog,websites and homepages on the Internet.

     Wan Long, the political commissar of a regiment in the Guangzhou Military Area Command, Beijing News quoted the PLA Daily as saying."It means soldiers cannot open blogs on the Internet no matter he or she does it in the capacity of a soldier or not," "The Internet is complicated and we should guard against online traps," he said.Commander of the Xigaze military sub-command in Tibet Autonomous Region, Yang Jigui, told Xinhua. "If information of military officers and their unit aroused attention of people with ulterior motives, it will pose threat to confidentiality of the armed forces,"

 Its really interesting to note how China which is active in Cyber war has banned its Soldier from using Internet freely ..It seems now Army not only has to protect its People, Borders and boundaries but also..National security also lies in PROTECTION of  its Internet Users.

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June 26, 2010

         The Indian government in a highly sensitive decision ...has decontrolled petrol prices after six years and have also  increased prices of diesel, LPG and kerosene rates, This would rise inflation rate in the Nation ....which hit double digit mark this month ...

   The UPA Government is under huge pressure as even its allies and opposition parties have opposed the decision.The burden of inflation would certainly rise on common people.

 So what does Decontrolling means ..

What is decontrolling of prices

1.Prices of petrol will not be fixed by government..but oil firms.

2.So no more subsidy in for petrol , only market linked prices

4..rise in  global crude prices will rise the cost of petrol.

5.This would  periodically  change  prices.

The Government says decontrolling would help oil firms to reduce its losses..which is about Rs 80000 crores....But the real hurry from government is ...By decontrolling the government is smartly removing political burden on ruling party ...which has to change prices periodically and gain hatred from people ...from now the prices will be decided by Oil firms no burden on Government.The decision will help Private oil firms like  Reliance Industries and Essar Oil to match prices offered by state-run rivals firms .

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June 22, 2010

          When the world nations are on football fever ....Asian Countries like India & Bangladesh.... which do not have a team representing their nation are too stuck in front of their TV sets watching the matches.Some are supporting Brazil,Some Argentina ...and everyone have their team of choice..to win the cup.

       In Bangladesh a top university closed to watch world cup Football matches ....the university authorities decided to close the university after students clashed over if to cancel classes to watch the Fifa world cup matches.At least 6 students were injured due to the violent clash between two groups of college students.

       The clash started after a group football fans asked for an early vacation this year ...so that they can watch all the world cup matches without cutting classes and tests....the group closed the university gates and urged other students not to attend classes resulting in the clash between the students.
      The university authorities has given leave to students till further notice and students hope that the classes will only begin after the World cup is over in South Africa.
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June 14, 2010

        Bhopal Gas tragedy that took place on the night of December 3, 1984 ....brought series of Nightmares to Bhopal.When still the remains of the worlds worst Industrial disaster haunts the people ...Justice was denied to victims by Two years prison sentence after 26 years of investigation and Court trials.This shows how worst is India's Judiciary system..and anyone with money can easily get away killing about 15000 innocent people.But the government of Madhya Pradesh has a death toll of about 3000 due to Gas release .The only thing wrong the people of Bhopal did was...they believed in the Government and waited for more than 25years for justice to be provided.But always justice delayed  is justice denied....
           Still tons of chemicals from the UCIL plant remain scattered within Bhopal....the UCIL abandoned the site without any clearing of Toxic and these chemicals have continued to leak into Ground water and causing greater health hazards to residents of Bhopal who depend on this water.The Government never provided clean drinking water to the residents even though they know the ground water is contaminated. If we look at the Disaster ..it shows how negligent is our Government when it comes to  implementing safety norms.Greenpeace says that as the Union Carbide CEO, Anderson knew about a 1982 safety report of the Bhopal plant, which identified 30 major safety  hazards in the plant but the hazards were never fixed in Bhopal but company's identical plant in USA.This shows how Union Carbide was not stressed by the Government to Implement the Safety norms in India...as Life and safety of common Indians seems to be ignored.Reports on safety lapses  issued months before the incident by scientists of the Union Carbide corporation had warned of the possibility of an accident almost similar  to that  occurred in Bhopal....but reports were neglected and never reached senior staff or the Government.
  When we look at the compensation provided to the victims ...its sorry to say that many officials filled their pockets ...rather than helping the victims.Indian Government reached a settlement with UCC for US$470 million as compensation and also for its Criminal liability for the accident.The sum was distributed to victims.. personal injury was  the majority with a compensation of Rs 25,000 ....for death claim, the  sum paid was Rs 62,000.After all Compensation was given a huge sum of more than 11 billion was expected to be left ...what happened to this amount ...the Government should have used this money to clean off  Bhopal with the dumped with chemicals ...nothing happened.As new reports come out showing how Congress (ruling Government then )  helped the UCC CEO Chairman Anderson fly out of India...It clearly showed how the Government wanted to dump off the case ....without any further complications for the Government.
       Now media is actively debating on the Bhopal tragedy ....I would like to know where the Media has been for last 25 years ...As the same Congress Government is on chair  now ...preparing and implementing the new nuclear liability bill ...for US nuclear giants ...the roots for another major disaster is growing.

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June 11, 2010

   When a mega event like World cup or Olympics comes to a nation ,it spreads a new wind of hope and success to the local people.The football World cup 2010 to be held in South Africa brought great hopes to the locals as the world shifts its focus and looks on South Africa on its capability to host such a huge event.But now south Africa is on focus as the world cup extravaganza is ready to kick off.
         South African Government which was in search for huge funds to build world class facilities for the visitors ....promised the local African people  that  the tournament would boost jobs,infrastructure,business and develop the locals.But before the tournament begins people saw only rise in problems and resulted in series of violent protests against the government.
         The protest started when local African workers involved in construction of new stadiums and other infrastructures for the cup demanded better salary and work environment .South Africa also saw many people left house less,more than 30000 residents where removed and thrown to camps.
       The South African government has spend a whooping $5 million for the world cup,But the revenue it will earn will end up in wrong hands.The clothing and all other accessories for the cup is contracted and exported from china and Taiwan by FIFA.South Africa should be aware of the consequences for investing huge money without net profit.The financial  meltdown in Greece recently is said to be caused by  the huge expenditure for the Olympics held in Athens.Even though China too invested very large money in Beijing Olympics...China always benefited from the Olympic Games ....as China ended the Olympics at top of the Table.
       But whatever happens , entertainment  is guaranteed .However South Africans may not economically benefit from the tournament but the tournament will offer sheer joy and enjoyment as they watch top football teams compete each other .... when the world visits south Africa ..lets hope Africans will forget the difference in White and Black and hope for a beautiful Tournament.

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June 8, 2010

    When India is eying to become one of the top nations in the world ,it certainly requires support and mutual understanding from other nations equally.Recently we saw global tension rise as Israel Soldiers stormed into Ship carrying help aid to Palestine.Many nations China ,Russia and even close aids of Israel ...Turkey and Egypt rise their voice against Israel.World saw number of protests against the attacks.India remained calm and silent .... to a global issue like this.Even USA which always supported Israel outrage against Palestine joined UN to condemn the attack.But what surprised me was India's Silence initially to such a human rights violation ...India which spread the voice of Non-violence and Peace throughout the world didn't offer any official statement on the issue.
    India which is trying to place itself as a strong nation in Asian- Arab region failed to respond to to issue of such magnitude ...and this made me think whether India has somewhere has to re look on its foreign policy.
India does have key relations with Israel,USA and Russia...but  never had failed to condemn any human rights violation from Israel in the past.
      US president Barrack Obama's statement that India is rising and responsible global power indispensable to a future American Strategy ....has surprised nations like Pakistan and China ...USA certainly has a better foreign policy,It is just trying to cement itself in Asia by grouping with India after it failed to cover relations with China.US national Security Advisor Gen James Thomas said India is destined to be a nation of Global Influence.But I think Indian Government has miserably failed to see on Global issues.
     As the epicentre of World power is shifting to Asia...focus is shifting to India and China ...which US and Russia enjoyed in Past.But India has more friends far away from Asia rather than in its home continent.Recently China had renewed its relationship with its neighbours like Pakistan,Srilanka,Myanmar,
Nepal,Bangladesh by building ports and military aids.On the other hand India has greater interest on far away partners like USA,Russia,Israel,etc.India has very rough relation with key neighbours like Pakistan ,China and Myanmar.
     India needs to re look its foreign policy with the changing world.As USA is eying India to maintain greater influence in Asia ...India close relationships with US will always rise tension in Arab and Asia.Its time to make our neighbours Happy and Friendly.

June 6, 2010

       The 2010 FIFA World cup which starts on June 11 will be FIFA's 19th Football world cup.The tournament take place between 11 June and 11 July 2010 in South Africa.In the history of the game this is the first time that a football world cup is held in African Continent.As the hosting nation South Africa got automatically qualified for the world cup...a strategy by FIFA to bring more crowd to matches supporting the local team.
   The qualification to FIFA 2010 saw various controversies which never surfaced before.In the play-off between France and the Republic of Ireland, French captain Thierry Henry,  illegally handled the ball in getting to the winning goal, France made into the final 32 teams ahead of Ireland.FIFA rejected a request from the Football Association of Ireland to replay the match and later Ireland requested to add it as 33rd team in the row of huge controversy ,But FIFA rejected it.

         The total prize money on offer for the entire  tournament was confirmed as $420 million, a 60 percent increase on the 2006 tournament from FIFA.Even before the tournament, each participating team receives $1 million, for preparation costs.When the tournament starts, teams exiting at the group stage would receive $8 million.

The prize money for winners would be distributed as follows:
$9 million - Round of 16, $18 million - Quarter-finals, $20 million - Semi-finals, $24 million - Runners up, $30 million - Cup Winners

         Sony technology will film the tournament in 3D and will be for the first time broadcasted in  3D  throughout the world .This World cup will be hosted with official playing ball named Jabulani: The official match ball manufactured by Adidas.
                           Final Groups  

Group A --- South Africa, Argentina, England ,Germany.

Group B --- Mexico, Nigeria, United States, Australia .

Group C --- Uruguay, Korea Republic ,Algeria, Serbia .

Group D --- France, Greece ,Slovenia, Ghana . 
Group E --- Netherlands, Italy, Brazil,Spain.

Group F --- Denmark ,Paraguay ,Korea DPR ,Switzerland.

Group G --- Japan ,New Zealand, Côte d'Ivoire ,Honduras.

Group H --- Cameroon, Slovakia ,Portugal, Chile.

   I hope Brazil wins this edition of cup in Africa....when everyone is tipped off Spain to win it ...which has the strongest team on paper ...But Argentina with the skill of Messi and  Diego Armando Maradona's experience i think stand a chance to top the table at end.

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June 2, 2010

             I am not a judicial expert to state on the Indian Judiciary ,But being a citizen of India ...I can share my views on the judicial System that common people need to depend on to gain justice in the nation.A vast nation which works under a single unilateral judicial system never worked in India
                 The slowness of India’s court system can be stated with an example, the trials in 1993 Mumbai serial bomb blasts took about 13 years ... the slow trial showed how the Indian judiciary system failed to punish the real culprits behind the blast....100 culprits  are still missing including the main conspirators and masterminds of the attacks – Tiger Memon and Dawood Ibrahim.The primary charge sheet for case was framed nearly eight months after the incident in November 1993, the court delivered judgment only on September 12, 2006.
         The recent  26/11 2008 mumbai blast case...the trial finished on .On 6 May 2010, Kasab the main accused arrested  was sentenced to death.It took about 2years for a huge case of National Importance to get over ....So what will be the condition of Ordinary cases from common people ....There are over 40000 cases backlog in the Supreme court alone...3,287,037 civil cases and 704,214 criminal cases are pending in various high courts in India.The list would go into millions if we check on lower courts.
   The judicial system is highly biased ,expensive and always a dream for poor people...An ordinary man cannot waste his money and time running case which would proceed throughout his life time and sometimes beyond it.Now its corruption that's haunting lower trial courts .......If you have money you win cases ...even if you are the culprit.
         The Government should review the judicial system ...setting up a few fast track courts and mobile courts will not solve the problem ...the entire system should be changed for fast track justice ....and the cost of running cases need to be reviewed...Justice delayed is always justice denied.

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