June 22, 2010

          When the world nations are on football fever ....Asian Countries like India & Bangladesh.... which do not have a team representing their nation are too stuck in front of their TV sets watching the matches.Some are supporting Brazil,Some Argentina ...and everyone have their team of choice..to win the cup.

       In Bangladesh a top university closed to watch world cup Football matches ....the university authorities decided to close the university after students clashed over if to cancel classes to watch the Fifa world cup matches.At least 6 students were injured due to the violent clash between two groups of college students.

       The clash started after a group football fans asked for an early vacation this year ...so that they can watch all the world cup matches without cutting classes and tests....the group closed the university gates and urged other students not to attend classes resulting in the clash between the students.
      The university authorities has given leave to students till further notice and students hope that the classes will only begin after the World cup is over in South Africa.
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Journomuse said...

Well, there is a short term gain for the students, but they don't realise in the long term they are the losers. Watching a football match wont win them the football contracts they fancy, will it? Moreover aren't the matches at night in that time zone? Students just need any excuse to bunk college, don't they?

Btw, love your blog template. I think the post will look much better if you give up the indented paragraph format and try the block paragraph and maybe use a different font like Verdana..Just a suggestion. Try it and maybe you might like it..

hitesh rawat said...

now this is one thing i should also recommend in India too....well not for the soccer WC but yea for cricket world cup.......

i remember ....2003 WC on scheduled around my 11th examz.....and i barely passed that one... :D

Nithin R S said...

Cricket is a time waster.Dont compare that to a global game like football.

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