June 27, 2010

     The Chinese Army People's Liberation Army (PLA) has banned its army men from using blogs on the Internet.The PLA has stated this in order to protect the armymen from "online traps and Hacks " and ensure any data leak from its servers.It is interesting since China is said to have its own Cyber Army of Hackers ..who are busy hacking and stealing  information from US and Indian Government websites.PLA has  banned soldiers from creating blog,websites and homepages on the Internet.

     Wan Long, the political commissar of a regiment in the Guangzhou Military Area Command, Beijing News quoted the PLA Daily as saying."It means soldiers cannot open blogs on the Internet no matter he or she does it in the capacity of a soldier or not," "The Internet is complicated and we should guard against online traps," he said.Commander of the Xigaze military sub-command in Tibet Autonomous Region, Yang Jigui, told Xinhua. "If information of military officers and their unit aroused attention of people with ulterior motives, it will pose threat to confidentiality of the armed forces,"

 Its really interesting to note how China which is active in Cyber war has banned its Soldier from using Internet freely ..It seems now Army not only has to protect its People, Borders and boundaries but also..National security also lies in PROTECTION of  its Internet Users.

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