June 26, 2010

         The Indian government in a highly sensitive decision ...has decontrolled petrol prices after six years and have also  increased prices of diesel, LPG and kerosene rates, This would rise inflation rate in the Nation ....which hit double digit mark this month ...

   The UPA Government is under huge pressure as even its allies and opposition parties have opposed the decision.The burden of inflation would certainly rise on common people.

 So what does Decontrolling means ..

What is decontrolling of prices

1.Prices of petrol will not be fixed by government..but oil firms.

2.So no more subsidy in for petrol , only market linked prices

4..rise in  global crude prices will rise the cost of petrol.

5.This would  periodically  change  prices.

The Government says decontrolling would help oil firms to reduce its losses..which is about Rs 80000 crores....But the real hurry from government is ...By decontrolling the government is smartly removing political burden on ruling party ...which has to change prices periodically and gain hatred from people ...from now the prices will be decided by Oil firms no burden on Government.The decision will help Private oil firms like  Reliance Industries and Essar Oil to match prices offered by state-run rivals firms .

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Anonymous said...

Worst government is ruling india.This govt only supports rich people..I dont know whether singh and sonia knows the petrol price .because for them everything is free.They dont mind common people, Praying to Krishna, Allah and jesus for falling this government as soon as possible, so that common people can live freely in india...

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