June 8, 2010

    When India is eying to become one of the top nations in the world ,it certainly requires support and mutual understanding from other nations equally.Recently we saw global tension rise as Israel Soldiers stormed into Ship carrying help aid to Palestine.Many nations China ,Russia and even close aids of Israel ...Turkey and Egypt rise their voice against Israel.World saw number of protests against the attacks.India remained calm and silent .... to a global issue like this.Even USA which always supported Israel outrage against Palestine joined UN to condemn the attack.But what surprised me was India's Silence initially to such a human rights violation ...India which spread the voice of Non-violence and Peace throughout the world didn't offer any official statement on the issue.
    India which is trying to place itself as a strong nation in Asian- Arab region failed to respond to to issue of such magnitude ...and this made me think whether India has somewhere has to re look on its foreign policy.
India does have key relations with Israel,USA and Russia...but  never had failed to condemn any human rights violation from Israel in the past.
      US president Barrack Obama's statement that India is rising and responsible global power indispensable to a future American Strategy ....has surprised nations like Pakistan and China ...USA certainly has a better foreign policy,It is just trying to cement itself in Asia by grouping with India after it failed to cover relations with China.US national Security Advisor Gen James Thomas said India is destined to be a nation of Global Influence.But I think Indian Government has miserably failed to see on Global issues.
     As the epicentre of World power is shifting to Asia...focus is shifting to India and China ...which US and Russia enjoyed in Past.But India has more friends far away from Asia rather than in its home continent.Recently China had renewed its relationship with its neighbours like Pakistan,Srilanka,Myanmar,
Nepal,Bangladesh by building ports and military aids.On the other hand India has greater interest on far away partners like USA,Russia,Israel,etc.India has very rough relation with key neighbours like Pakistan ,China and Myanmar.
     India needs to re look its foreign policy with the changing world.As USA is eying India to maintain greater influence in Asia ...India close relationships with US will always rise tension in Arab and Asia.Its time to make our neighbours Happy and Friendly.


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Good one.Love to read this.

rahul arora said...

Good one.Nice policy.

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