June 14, 2010

        Bhopal Gas tragedy that took place on the night of December 3, 1984 ....brought series of Nightmares to Bhopal.When still the remains of the worlds worst Industrial disaster haunts the people ...Justice was denied to victims by Two years prison sentence after 26 years of investigation and Court trials.This shows how worst is India's Judiciary system..and anyone with money can easily get away killing about 15000 innocent people.But the government of Madhya Pradesh has a death toll of about 3000 due to Gas release .The only thing wrong the people of Bhopal did was...they believed in the Government and waited for more than 25years for justice to be provided.But always justice delayed  is justice denied....
           Still tons of chemicals from the UCIL plant remain scattered within Bhopal....the UCIL abandoned the site without any clearing of Toxic and these chemicals have continued to leak into Ground water and causing greater health hazards to residents of Bhopal who depend on this water.The Government never provided clean drinking water to the residents even though they know the ground water is contaminated. If we look at the Disaster ..it shows how negligent is our Government when it comes to  implementing safety norms.Greenpeace says that as the Union Carbide CEO, Anderson knew about a 1982 safety report of the Bhopal plant, which identified 30 major safety  hazards in the plant but the hazards were never fixed in Bhopal but company's identical plant in USA.This shows how Union Carbide was not stressed by the Government to Implement the Safety norms in India...as Life and safety of common Indians seems to be ignored.Reports on safety lapses  issued months before the incident by scientists of the Union Carbide corporation had warned of the possibility of an accident almost similar  to that  occurred in Bhopal....but reports were neglected and never reached senior staff or the Government.
  When we look at the compensation provided to the victims ...its sorry to say that many officials filled their pockets ...rather than helping the victims.Indian Government reached a settlement with UCC for US$470 million as compensation and also for its Criminal liability for the accident.The sum was distributed to victims.. personal injury was  the majority with a compensation of Rs 25,000 ....for death claim, the  sum paid was Rs 62,000.After all Compensation was given a huge sum of more than 11 billion was expected to be left ...what happened to this amount ...the Government should have used this money to clean off  Bhopal with the dumped with chemicals ...nothing happened.As new reports come out showing how Congress (ruling Government then )  helped the UCC CEO Chairman Anderson fly out of India...It clearly showed how the Government wanted to dump off the case ....without any further complications for the Government.
       Now media is actively debating on the Bhopal tragedy ....I would like to know where the Media has been for last 25 years ...As the same Congress Government is on chair  now ...preparing and implementing the new nuclear liability bill ...for US nuclear giants ...the roots for another major disaster is growing.

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Anto said...

Its a curse on Indian society that the politicians eat from the plate of the dead. Another curse is the media which actively focuses on cricket, airlines and reality shows because only there they can taste money and higher trp ratings. If we really want some change the citizens of India should change the way they think......Nice thought and thanks for sharing.

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