June 11, 2010

   When a mega event like World cup or Olympics comes to a nation ,it spreads a new wind of hope and success to the local people.The football World cup 2010 to be held in South Africa brought great hopes to the locals as the world shifts its focus and looks on South Africa on its capability to host such a huge event.But now south Africa is on focus as the world cup extravaganza is ready to kick off.
         South African Government which was in search for huge funds to build world class facilities for the visitors ....promised the local African people  that  the tournament would boost jobs,infrastructure,business and develop the locals.But before the tournament begins people saw only rise in problems and resulted in series of violent protests against the government.
         The protest started when local African workers involved in construction of new stadiums and other infrastructures for the cup demanded better salary and work environment .South Africa also saw many people left house less,more than 30000 residents where removed and thrown to camps.
       The South African government has spend a whooping $5 million for the world cup,But the revenue it will earn will end up in wrong hands.The clothing and all other accessories for the cup is contracted and exported from china and Taiwan by FIFA.South Africa should be aware of the consequences for investing huge money without net profit.The financial  meltdown in Greece recently is said to be caused by  the huge expenditure for the Olympics held in Athens.Even though China too invested very large money in Beijing Olympics...China always benefited from the Olympic Games ....as China ended the Olympics at top of the Table.
       But whatever happens , entertainment  is guaranteed .However South Africans may not economically benefit from the tournament but the tournament will offer sheer joy and enjoyment as they watch top football teams compete each other .... when the world visits south Africa ..lets hope Africans will forget the difference in White and Black and hope for a beautiful Tournament.

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A beautiful Mind said...

every event has its benefits and drawbacks..

Guha Rajan said...

We would not be talking about ZA if world cup is not held there and thats the main difference, offcourse atleast temprarily there is huge business. Accomodation available cost 4 times as compared to last month. For hotel, Restaurents Jun/Jul can well be a dream run

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