July 9, 2010

                 In Kerala - Gods Own Country ..........Professor TJ Joseph was attacked by eight people on Sunday and his hand was cut off accused of insulting Islam in an exam paper.The professor is  recovering in hospital in the town of Muvattupuzha in Kerala state. Two activists of the predominantly Muslim Popular Front of India (PFI) were arrested on Monday in connection with the attack.

      At the time of the incident , Prof Joseph had been suspended from his position in the Roman Catholic-run Newman college in the town of Thodupuzha and was facing possible criminal charges for blasphemy and negligence.He was arrested and granted bail in April for hurting religious sentiments....Earlier Protests where carried out in Kerala against him............angry protests in Thodupuzha were carried out by various Muslim organisations in March when the question paper containing  derogatory reference to the Prophet Muhammad first broke and several people were injured in clashes with police.

 Even though the Kerala Government says that this is Rare incident in the small Peace loving state .........The fact is that such Religious motivated and political motivated attacks are common in Kerala ...especially in Kannur and Wayanad Regions of the State.

   Meanwhile the family Members of the Professor stated to Media that they have forgiven the attackers.They stated saying the attack took place due to clear misunderstanding and the Professor never wrote any deogatory reference to the Prophet Muhammed.

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Hariharan Valady said...

Short, crisp and relevant! Not many people write on these issues. Great!

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