August 18, 2010

The Great Indian caste system

A country which proudly records to be the largest democracy in the world …..India has a unique constitution written especially to accompany and cope with its very unique diversity. The nation is multilingual, multicultural and multi-religious with a diverse geography from Jammu to Kanyakumari. Even though many Indians after Independence thought that a Nation which has mutually exclusive people with their distinct cultures and beliefs would always downplay India’s dream to become one of the developed Nations. We have shown the world how united Indians are and rose as one of the top developing nations in the world. But even after celebrating 64th Independence Day...We Indians have not stopped discriminating each other in name of caste and religion.

India had earlier banned discrimination and untouchability in name of caste…but recently political parties are roaring to undergo a caste based census. Indian Government recently decided that it’s time for dividing and counting people based on their caste.

In India caste system has prevailed from ancient times. But then caste system was usually based on the job each group of people were assigned to perform. For example Brahmin’s performed rituals in Temples, while the Kshatriya’s were destined to be warriors for their country. But with India developing time has changed ….now the warriors or soldiers of Indian army are not from a particular caste …now the job each person is completely based on his skills and education. Even ministers and MP’s are from different castes as today each caste have a political party representing them. The government has now started reservation for backward classes in Education / employment. It’s good for the nation in one way as the poor and underprivileged get a chance to shine with the nation but what happens is the people who are skilled or talented for a job/education loss their opportunity to shine with the nation. Let us look on the reservations in IIT …last year an IIT had to dismiss 5 students who got admission through reservation as they lacked basic knowledge and skills to be in IIT’s.

The main cause of discrimination in name of caste and touch ability which still prevails in some parts of India is illiteracy. India’s education system lacks the depth to reach the poor and underprivileged people who are placed in villages. Rather than doing things to provide a more universal education system …the politicians are trying to use this caste inequality for political gains. More than a caste based census India needs a census that covers details of income and assets of each citizen…and reservations should be truly based on assets/income and not caste.How many of you know that there is a caste named AJATH ( no caste) in India with more than 400 members.We even dont know how many castes are their in india .....if ever we count down the castes it means we are divding India.

The recent cry for caste based census is truly under political influence. With more regional parties in alliance with UPA government …they have asked for caste based census as most of the regional parties are powered by caste. Every political party is considering each scheme sanctioned for the people just as a tool towards success in next election. The politicians are looking for the DIVIDE AND RULE POLICY that the British did in India.

Yes, the government argues that caste based census would help in reaching out for the poor and underprivileged people in the nation. But with more reservations and benefits for lower caste people don’t be surprised to see people just jumping from higher caste to lower caste eying the benefits. (This is not new I know many friends who have changed Gods Just for financial benefits).In India, democracy has become a flexible tool that can be twisted as needed by political parties….For common people the definition of democracy “for the people ,of the people ,by the people” has changed to “ for the rich ,of the rich, by the rich”.

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S.R.Ayyangar said...

We can wait for many more reservations in future.It is futile to talk about caste-less society in India that is Bharat.

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