August 26, 2010

      We have seen great and well planned jewellery and diamond thefts in Bollywood and Hollywood movies like doom,ocean's 11.On August 23 rd a Jewellery exhibition in Mumbai witnessed such a theft by a gang of three Mexican men and a Venezuelan woman,who picked up and  fled with a box of 1800 diamonds worth 6.6 crores.

         The group landed  mumbai on august 17th from different regions of South America.The group had to plan for a week to target the jewellery stall  owned by Israeli company Dalumi....while the men gained the attention of the lone salesperson ,the woman picked up the box of diamonds without getting noticed.

       While  the salesperson  found that a box of diamond is missing ,the gang boarded flight to Dubai.The police arrived and checked security cameras which showed the thief performing their act.Immediately police informed the Interpol and the the gang was arrested on landing at Dubai.It was found that the gang had swallowed a few diamonds and a few hidden in their jackets..........The theifs have been flown back to India and the police had recovered 1600 diamonds of 1800.

   So a sensational script for a bollywood thriller.........lets  wait for the movie.... 


S.R.Ayyangar said...

I am still wondering how with all the high tech security in place this heist could take place in the first instance. Kudos to Mumbai police who acted so swiftly and recovered the booty.

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