September 13, 2010

  When huge political debates are going on the nuclear bill and liability of nuclear suppliers after nuclear accidents …Did you think that after the Bhopal Incident our leaders were more careful about industrial and chemical disasters and its safety measures…and that’s why they had a huge debate on nuclear bill and its liability in Parliament …Then you are making yourselves fools …..I would like to invite you to Kerala-famously known as God’s own country. Famous for its greenery and natural beauty Kerala is a world famous tourist spot. Kerala has highest literacy rate in the nation. But Education and lust to earn more have made keralites fools. They have started clearing paddy fields and coconut farms and turned into cash crops such as rubber and cashewnuts. In the run to greater yield …Malayalees are using unethical and harmful pesticides in cashew plantations.

 Now let’s visit a district in Kerala – Kasaragod ………once known for its greenery today Kasaragod is haunted by diseases and tragedy. Thanks to hamlets of cashew plantations spread along the district. The diseases are side effects of ENDOSULFAN a deadly pesticide sprayed in these plantations. The UNO classifies ENDOSULFAN as highly hazardous pesticide and banned in 62 countries. Even though Endosulfan is banned now ….for 26 years Kerala Government sprayed the deadly pesticide in government owned cashew plantations under Plantation Corporation of Kerala.

The Pesticide was sprayed aerially with specially used helicopters .As the plantations are mainly in mountainous areas, the pesticide drains and gets washed down the slopes during rains into drinking water below. Consuming this water will result in diseases ranging from physical deformities, cancers, birth disorders and damages to brain and nervous system. During 2000-2001 the victims got huge media exposure and resulted in Study on the victim’s .The study of Endosulfan effects showed greater Abnormalities such as mental retardation, cancer and infertility in the victims. But the pesticide and fertilizer industries where very fast to rubbish the studies. Endosulfan is manufactured and distributed in India by Hindustan Fertilisers limited.

It’s clear that the usage of the Pesticide on the Kerala government owned cashew plantation was a result of nexus between Government officials and Pesticide industries. In Kerala all other cashew plantations are grown without pesticides. The Kerala government spend millions on Pesticides to increase yield and have poisoned the fertile land. India is the largest producer of Endosulfan in the world and also the consumer. It’s not only Kerala facing the dilemma of Endosulfan, Recent reports show some parts of Karnataka too affected badly by the usage of Endosulfan Pesticide.

Even though the Kerala cashew plantations corporation has stopped aerial spraying Endosulfan in Kasaragod instead they have started using a newer pesticide. Endosulfan has been banned for 2 years in Kerala but Kerala Government is discussing about revoking the ban. People are still facing the side effects of Endosulfan in Kerala and Karnataka but the Indian Government has not yet banned the deadly chemical. The Pesticide is still used for cotton and Cashew plantations in many parts of the nation …Karnataka, Punjab, Assam and Andhra Pradesh. India needs an effective chemical norm and should enact a chemical & pesticide policy which would help people affected from chemical accidents & disasters; also stop usage of deadly pesticides for agriculture. Even during the Bhopal gas tragedy Government did nothing for the victims. The victims of Endosulfan also were turned down by the Government ….It is clear that all these chemical disasters are due to ignorant and negligent policies from the Government…..

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September 5, 2010

    Indian Parliamentarians who were drawing a monthly salary of Rs 16,000 have got a 3-fold hike in their pay. The job is blessed by many freebies, apart from the tax free wage of Rs 30000.... With office expenses of Rs 20,000 and a constituency allowance of Rs 20,000… now the government has increased their constituency allowance and conveyance by four-fold. MPs get interest free loan money to buy a car, get petrol paid from government money, and make as many free phone calls both STD and ISD. Residence free with free furniture, the electricity, the water, the gardeners, the plants and  security guards to cover  life. There are also allowances to wash curtains and sofa covers and a funny allowance of Rs 1,000 per day to attend Parliament, a MP’s only major job and each MP gets a minimum Rs 2 crore to spend on our constituencies. Then yes I don’t have an absolute data on back door payments (bribe).Here is something I heard from a small road contractor he says he has to pay the MP of the constituency 2 lakhs from the money sanctioned for the work.

Let’s see how poor the Members of Parliament are ………Out of 543 MPs in Lok Sabha, 315 are crorepatis. More than 70% of Rajya Sabha MPs are also millionaires. The assets declared during election more than Rs 30 crore for each MP and for the lok Sabha each MP has an asset greater than 6 crores. It’s Surprising and I still wonder why our country is still rated as a poor nation. After each term an MP increases his assets by 200 to 300 %.But there are many more MP who have declined to reveal their assets.

Its seems that to be a member of party you need to be a crorepati or millionaire ….even in regional parties ….the selection is based on your assets. For example DMK in Tamilnadu have more than 80% of their members Crorepatis ….When some are business high profiles ….ruling highly profitable fields from, Media, Cinema cable TV distribution to sand mining and Real estate business …

     It’s not a secret that MPs in Office increase their assets and concentrate to improve their business firms …rather than concentrating on their constituencies. But the MPs still need more …they say they are paid less for their job …they are under paid ….

     We people who select the MPs to represent us in Parliament make them richer with our money ....and they buy us using that money for the next term in Parliament .They make us pay huge taxes and face inflation while they receive tax free salary and They don’t even attend parliament sessions …..Many MPs have visit parliament less than 10 days a year. More than 60% of MPs we elect have criminal cases and what can we expect from them.

     As a citizen of a nation I have to say that the Government need to establish Committee to look on the Salary and other incentives of Parliamentarians……It’s astonishing how MPs can ask for such a hike in salary with flood of allowances …when the country is under rising inflation and poverty.

     When will  they wake up ………….rather when will we wake up...…Electing ………them back into power after every term .