November 5, 2010

               After a long gap I am back again with my blog...I got shifted to Hyderabad from Kanyakumari for my PG and lack of Internet in my campus has kept me away from blogging.But it has been nice one month in Hyderabad - the city of pearls.   
                    During Dasara I was in Hyderabad ;Hindus celebrate Dasara to honor the triumph of warrior Goddess Durga over the buffalo demon,mahishasura.When people were on celebration mood ,Dalit scholars of Osmania University  came out with claims that  Mahishasura was just a dalit king killed by an Aryan queen. The scholars  urged people not to celebrate Dasara and asked the dalits to support them.Even they garlanded mahishasura and celebrated Dasara as a black day.

          With more dalits turning into christanity in Andhra ...the latest Osmania row not surprising.As Osmania  university has been a hub for anti -hindu remarks and activities since few years.The claims of Osmania university has made many orthodox hindus in the state  angry. The Hindus feel that Dasara is celebrated as a victory of good against evil and Osmania is just trying to increase hatred among communities. 

Remember that Osmania University was the centre of protests during the telegana row.The hindus claim that its not dalits in Andhra who are trying to defame hindus and hinduism ...but the money flowing through Christian missionaries and the christian dalit lobby in Osmania University.

       A Dalit scholar from Osmania university said  “Nowhere in the world does anyone celebrate a death,”  “Nowhere in the world have Gods killed people except in India”.But Osmania Universty claims seems to be baseless as they are unable to produce any proof on the recent claims....The government should act fast and take action against OU for hurting religious sentiments.

             Today when the whole nation is celebrating Diwali ... Dalit scholars of Osmania university is observing it as death anniversary of Narakasura ( in Andhra diwali is celebrated as victory of Lord Krishna over Narakasura).Come on India lets stop dividing the nation and its people in the name of religion and castes.wake up..

                                Happy Diwali ..............................


Harish said...

utter foolishness, senselessness

Midhun said...

India was the land of Buddhists till 7th century AD. Then how was it converted to a Hindu Nation? Christians came to India two thousand years ago. Still they are are only less than 3% (three percent) in India? This peaceful community has changed the social fabric of India so much for the better. It has always been treated with hatred, seeing their positive impact everywhere? When will they be treated like part of the family, instead of with suspicion and and jealousy?

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