February 15, 2011

Start a Website

  I started blogging to share my views on current events and news of national interest in India..... A blog site would reach more number of people not only in India but throughout the world, before blogging i used to write to magazines and newspapers but never saw one get printed. After i started blogging many of my readers and friends asked me about blogging and how to start a blog or a website. Many friends wanted to know were they would get domain names and web hosting at less cost. Recently I came to know about BigRock.

BigRock.com here to make a change

    BigRock is the fastest growing provider of web-presence solutions to small-businesses, professionals and individuals. Its product portfolio includes - Domain registration, Web & Email Hosting, Website Builders, Digital Certificates and much more. BigRock aims to fill a critical void in the web-presence industry with its innovative suite of web products designed to fortify businesses’ competitive advantage and unleash their true potential. With a proven platform that powers over 5 million domain names worldwide, BigRock is committed and confident of unlocking tremendous value for customers in India. Recently TV Ads on BigRock went on air ,which you might have noticed in star movies, HBO, Set Max, Times Now,etc.The ads seems very funny and sends a message to small business owners that how they too can have their own website and think about global exposure.

 Here is one of  the BigRock commercial aired on TV.......

I hope more people will start blogging and start websites even for their small businesses.


Anonymous said...

http://www.ibija.com is a boom for the small scale businesses in India. They can create a website of their

enterprise/business on their own, No technical know how is required. Very user friendly interface.
All this for FREE and that for LIFETIME. Its unbelievable but TRUE.

ibija said...

Get yourself a website for FREE for lifetime. Its unbelievable but TRUE. www.ibija.com gives opportunity to all the small business owners to have the web presence.

kartik said...

Create your wesite get live to your self yourwebmake.in a hosting netwok

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