February 24, 2011

        India's iconic Eden Gardens stadium in Kolkata planning to offer free medical check-ups to fans in a bid to lure more spectators and fill the ground during the World Cup,specially when India is not playing......As the venue was nt ready on time for India v England clash on Sunday  ....which got shifted to Bangalore ,Kolkata is left with three matches without involving team India

The news is that Bengal Cricket Association is in talks with various hospitals and  health centers for providing health checkups for the spectators.accordingly the scheme is to provide anyone who buys tickets worth more than 750 rupees ($16.50) a free blood pressure check, echocardiogram and consultation with doctors.

The 67,000-capacity Eden Garden stadium in Kolkata will host South Africa v Ireland on March 15, Ireland v the Netherlands on March 18 and Zimbabwe v Kenya on March 20.

Eventhough the Bengal cricket association is trying hard to lure spectators ...I think this offer is a stupid step .....they could have offered a cricket bat or cricket ball with each ticket ....more fans would have attended the matches .to fill the ground with fans and spectators can give the remaining or unfilled tickets for free may be for students and schools ...thus encouraging the students to the game.A full packed ground is better than ....half filled Eden Gardens...


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