February 25, 2011

           13 pregnant women died after they were given infected intravenous (IV) fluids at a government hospital in Jodhpur ,Rajasthan.The 13 women died in a span of  10 days.Investigating the incident officials did laboratory tests and came to a conclusion that tainted IV fluids supplied to patients  was cause for death..

      The incident took place in Umaid Hospital in Jodhpur ......the IV fluids were provided by a local company ...to Government hospitals...The officials are also not ruling out ....if administrated IV fluids are expired.

        In India ...the medicines supplied to Government hospitals ,are sold in black to medical stores and private players  ...by government officials itself.Even usage of expired medicines is common in some Government hospitals where treatment is provided free or at subdued cost.

       India stands first  for the highest number of maternal deaths in the world with tens of thousands of women dying every year due to pregnancy-related problems.


Pregnancy Miracle said...

That is very sad news such that this type of incident can be occur in the hospital. Such that 13 pregnant women die simultaneously in the hospital.

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