February 16, 2011

    Sell Wild Animals:        
        When we are fighting for conservation of our forests and wildlife ,Bengal forest minister Ananta Ray has thrown every wildlife conservation rule out of the window.He feels that forests in Bengal has too many leopards,elephants and rhinos.He wants to sell these excess animals to private owners the highest bidders,may be on a auction .

Excess animals in Bengal forests: 
       To my astonishment he wants animals to be sterilized to reduce there number in Bengal forests.When animal welfare groups are fighting to save animals killed by poaching...the minister has other thoughts.Rhinos which are endangered species need to be saved from extinction ..but the minister wants the animals to be sold to foreign zoos.
            The minister said in a press conference  that the forest department will soon write to the Union forest and environment ministry to seek permission.According to the minister,bison,rhinos,deer,elephants and leopards were in excess in some forests of Bengal.They stray into villages,injure and kill people.Leopards and elephants have grown in number quite phenomenally.He has planned three things.They could be sterilized to control their population.They could transfer the excess population from forests to zoos,also have the option of selling them to private individuals.

Elephant our National Animal:
          It seems that the Minister is ignorant about basic rules on Wildlife protection.He even forget the stats that no animal is excess in  Indian forests.Wildlife rules strictly forbid the transfer of animals from the wild to captivity,be it a zoo in India or abroad.Selling wild animals to private party is madness.............The Minister also stated to the press that Elephant is our National animal ....Pretty good information from a Forest Minister.


bilcool1976 said...

Is the State's Forest Minister a mad ? .... But a question arises in this context, that the minister may not be an expert environmentalist, but what are the departmental experts doing? The minister is taking this crazy decision after getting informed from those bull-shit, governmental pseudo-environmentalists. Those people should be the primary accused for this decision of this ignorent State Forest Minister.

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