February 21, 2011

           Only 4,000 tickets in total are on sale for common public for the final game of  Cricket World cup 2011.The match is to be held on April 2 at the historic but less capacity Wankhede stadium in Mumbai.So where are the rest of the tickets for the match .....the stadium actually had a capacity of 45000 spectators..but recently has undergone major renovations which led to a reduction in seating to about 33,000.
               Now about the remaining tickets ...the Tournament director Ratnakar Shetty has clarified that as per contractual obligations about 20,000 tickets to go to clubs linked to the Mumbai Cricket Association and 8,500 to the International Cricket Council.But I really doubt whether the officials like the CWG 2010 .....have sold the entire tickets to Politicians and bureaucrats  who are cricket crazy.....or may be they have saved the tickets for their loved ones .

   It is really funny when we are hosting the world cup final ...that to in a cricket crazy nation only about 4500 spectators from billions of Indians can watch the match in the stadium  ......it also funny how the officials choose the smallest ground in the country to host the match...but yes you should understand that's why the officials are broadcasting the match live in TV ... for billions of India....I cant remember for how much cash did BCCI sell the broadcasting rights to ESPN/STAR SPORTS.

 Anyway lets forget the controversies and watch India lifting the cup on "TV"..........................Cheer for the Indian Team....


dheeraj said...

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