March 20, 2011

Nuclear Panic in India:
           The Fear of Nuclear Meltdown after the Earthquake in Japan .....World nations are in a shock and in spree to check the safety of their nuclear reactors.In India too the debate is on to check the safety of nuclear reactors in India.A Nation wide panic and protest have erupted on India's ambitious Nuclear projects and future sustainability of these nuclear projects. India is currently eying to depend its entire energy needs on nuclear power,the nuclear liability bill is just a step to its dream.But the current disaster in Japan is going to  impact India’s ambitious nuclear power program.But It seems the Government is not in a mood to derail from its nuclear programs.Government has expressed its concern on the Japan disaster and have asked to review the safety in all its nuclear power plants.

 Nuclear reactors In India:
            India has twenty nuclear reactors with a generating capacity of 4,780 megawatt (MW).But it is noted that none of India's 20 nuclear reactors are in seismic Zone 5 which is most vulnerable to earthquakes.But the nuclear reactors in Japan and Taiwan are in Seismic Zone 7 and Zone 8 .

India's Disaster Management:
       During the 2004 tsunami the Kalpakkam Nuclear power plant was shutdown automatically.And also during the earthquakes in Bhuj in Gujarat in 2001, all nuclear reactors remained safe. But what hurts Anti-nuclear group is not the seismic disaster but the preparedness of India's Disaster Management system. Even Japan with highly sophisticated Disaster management systems couldn't help a nuclear breakdown.But India has disorganized management system even in Administrative levels and checking a nuclear disaster of such  level in India is to be debated.

March 9, 2011

Cricket Match in a small Panipuri Shop:
   The India vs Ireland encounter may not have been a thriller to watch ...But I had great experience watching the match.I watched the match in a small Panipuri Shop here in Hyderabad.As I was waking past the road I saw cricket being played live on TV on that Shop ....I just thought a minute entered the shop and ordered Panipuri as The Panipuriwalla was serving the panipuri my eyes where on the TV.After having I occupied the a chair and held to the TV....even though the match was boring.Dhoni and yuvi were gradually playing towards I was struck to TV i never noticed the gradual increase of crowd in front of the Shop.

Cheer for Pathan's Sixes:
       With Dhoni out ....Yusuf Pathan was on crease ..As pathan hit a boundary ...a loud cheer from the crowd ..I just turned back and got surprised to see the huge crowd behind.Next ball to six and cheer was louder ..Sitting in a panipuri shop in Hyderabad...It seemed i was in a cricket ground.More to my surprised I noticed people were cheering in different language s...I am a malayali ,behind me two guys cheering in Kannnada....Behind that i can hear people cheering in hindi ,punjabi ..and telugu.It seemed entire India was cheering for the team.I understood why people say cricket is a religion in India.

BCCI show respect to Fans :
         BCCI which is cash rich and Politically motivated seems to forget the Indian fans who are the real hero's in uplifting the game as a Religion in the nation.Recent lathi charge on fans standing on huge queues to buy tickets for a match at VCA stadium ,Nagpur..showed the respect BCCI gives to cricket fans.Even though the world cup final is held in India ,It is really funny when we are hosting the world cup final ...that to in a cricket crazy nation only about 4500 spectators from billions of Indians can watch the match in the stadium.ow about the remaining tickets ...about 20,000 tickets to go to clubs linked to the Mumbai Cricket Association and 8,500 to the International Cricket Council.But I really doubt whether the officials like the CWG 2010 .....have sold the entire tickets to Politicians and bureaucrats  who are cricket crazy.....or may be they have saved the tickets for their loved ones ..... 

 Some Cricket crazy fans......


March 7, 2011

Budget-5 %service tax on Health-care:
               The Budget 2011 has slapped a 5% service tax on healthcare - latest addition to tax -rich India.With the tax to be levied from doctors of  private healthcare centres and clinics seems to make affordable medical treatment beyond reach for common people.It seems Governments plan is to get a share from huge profits that private hospitals earn by selling healthcare.But the Government have forget that common people - especially middle class are relying on private hospitals.Tax is imposed on hospitals with 25beds or more ,consultant doctors and diagnostic centres ...pushing medical bills of middle class out of reach.

India's Health-care sector:
          Government of India spending on Medical care is very less when compared to Othelia developing countries.Government spends roughly about 1% of GDP on Health-care .....Its less than many under developed countries in Africa.The recent levy of 5% tax has just worsened the scenario ...the government should not forget service tax that is to be collected from private hospitals will eventually imposed common people who visit the hospital for treatments.India has got just 90 beds per 1lakh people ...the world average is 270 beds.The number of doctors and nurses per lakh people is bizarre just 60 doctors and 130 nurses.The government should take immediate steps to introduce more medical colleges to increase the number of doctors and nurses.
Rise is Medical bills : 
      Few months back in Hyderabad when I went to a private hospital to check my Fever , I had to pay 500Rs as fees.I wonder how the fee will increase after the tax imposed.This hospital is visited by middle class people rather than the rich India.In my village in Kanyakumari a private hospital Doctor gets a fee of about 50 rupees for a single meet ...the hospital is visited by common people both poor and middle class...the hospital does have more than 50 beds and it may also have to pay the service tax.The government may ask why to go to Private hospitals paying fee when Government hospitals get you free treatments,But Government hospitals are poorly resourced...and lacks basic amenities.The Government has also slashed funds for controlling various diseases like malaria ,TB and cancer....

Health Care need to seen as a critical sector which needs urgent attention and developments ....more investments need to be introduced ...Its important that government reduce burden on common people and slash the service tax on Health care ......what do you think ...comment your views on the tax imposed......