March 20, 2011

Nuclear Panic in India:
           The Fear of Nuclear Meltdown after the Earthquake in Japan .....World nations are in a shock and in spree to check the safety of their nuclear reactors.In India too the debate is on to check the safety of nuclear reactors in India.A Nation wide panic and protest have erupted on India's ambitious Nuclear projects and future sustainability of these nuclear projects. India is currently eying to depend its entire energy needs on nuclear power,the nuclear liability bill is just a step to its dream.But the current disaster in Japan is going to  impact India’s ambitious nuclear power program.But It seems the Government is not in a mood to derail from its nuclear programs.Government has expressed its concern on the Japan disaster and have asked to review the safety in all its nuclear power plants.

 Nuclear reactors In India:
            India has twenty nuclear reactors with a generating capacity of 4,780 megawatt (MW).But it is noted that none of India's 20 nuclear reactors are in seismic Zone 5 which is most vulnerable to earthquakes.But the nuclear reactors in Japan and Taiwan are in Seismic Zone 7 and Zone 8 .

India's Disaster Management:
       During the 2004 tsunami the Kalpakkam Nuclear power plant was shutdown automatically.And also during the earthquakes in Bhuj in Gujarat in 2001, all nuclear reactors remained safe. But what hurts Anti-nuclear group is not the seismic disaster but the preparedness of India's Disaster Management system. Even Japan with highly sophisticated Disaster management systems couldn't help a nuclear breakdown.But India has disorganized management system even in Administrative levels and checking a nuclear disaster of such  level in India is to be debated.


Mohinee said...

Really very serious tension. Thanks for sharing this.

Jerly said...

It is not just that, the french reactor approved by India for jaitapur has not been approved by nuclear regualtory authorty of any company. It does not seem to be a sound decision and today there is more need to put money in research into clean tech like solar for large scale generations. It has to be made possible to switch to solar that depend again on Nuclear that if per chance disaster happens then so much of the earth becomes lost for all to whom it was home!!

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