April 24, 2011

Why Endosulfan Should be Banned ?
ENDOSULFAN a deadly pesticide sprayed in crops ,the effects of endosulfan is deadly on humans.The UNO classifies endosulfan as highly hazardous pesticide and banned in 62 countries.The usage of Endosulfan in India is high especially the pesticide is used for crops like cashew plantations,rubber and cotton plantations.But now the pesticide is used in small concentrations even for food crops. The pesticide was used heavily on cashew plantations in Kerala and later was banned in the state by the state Government as a study on Endosulfan effects showed greater Abnormalities such as mental retardation, cancer and infertility in the victims.Kasargod in north Kerala has thousands of people and children with extreme neurological and congenital deformities.

" In my previous post The Hell in Kerala - God's Own Country  have already given details on how the people of Kasargod in Kerala have suffered due to this Deadly Pesticide."

Why Central Government doesn't want to ban Endosulfan:
            Even after repeated request from Kerala State Government the UPA Government seems to be reluctant to ban the deadly Pesticide.Its Interesting that  the Central Government is not convinced by the report  submitted by the government's National Institute of Occupational Health on the harmful effects of Endosulfan in 2002. But now the government has gone for  a fresh study by the Indian Council of Medical Research after  National Human Rights Commission intervened in December 2010 after Kerala Government's repeated requests.
               In October 2010  At the Stockholm convention India was the only country to oppose other 61 countries, for including endosulfan in annexure 'A' of Persistent Organic Chemicals,which would have helped easy ban of the pesticide.India's explained that there was no adverse health effects by the pesticide even though studies in kerala showed how harmful the pesticide acts on human even after years.
India accounts for 70 per cent of the world production and consumption of endosulfan, and the Government doesn't want the economic side of the pesticide to be lost. Also many argue that the pesticide is more effective and less cost than many other Pesticides.Join my campaign against Endosulfan and help ban Endosulfan in India …..Post your comments and share this post.

Easter - Time to celebrate:
  Its Easter and Cash - rich Christian community in northern Kerala districts celebrate it grant.But the patients in Alappuzha government hospital had to bear the pain of the celebrations.On 22nd at this hospital doctors conducted mass operations of at least 25 operations mainly Caesaereans  in 2 days in order to freely celebrate Easter.
       Many cases were operated prior to the date already told and who could wait till next week for delivery.Patients complained that the surgeries were conducted in a hurry so that the doctors could be off duty during Easter weekend holidays.

Lack of Facilities:
         The Government hospital is under equipped for such a mass operation but the doctors seemed to be not concerned about the fact.Many patients even didn't get basic facilities and medical care.More than a dozen mothers with their newborns could be seen lying on the floor of the hospital, lacking post-delivery care.

        P K Sreemathi, Minister for Health, Kerala said "What the doctors have done is wrong. We are taking it very seriously and have constituted a probe panel. We are planning to include two experts from the Medical College too in the team."

April 16, 2011

JaganMohan Reddy to Become  Richy Rich MP:
    Jaganmohan Reddy filing his nomination papers from the Kadapa Lok Sabha constituency in Andhra Pradesh has declared his assets of Rs.365 crore.He could become one of India’s richest Members of Parliament (MP).The son of Y S Rajasekhara Reddy has provided assets  worth Rs 363 crores, apart from the properties, cash and jewelery  in his wife Bharati's name worth Rs 77.43 crores.JaganMohan Reddy a former congress MP has created headache for ruling Congress party after he left congress starting a new party YSR congress Party.Many  top AP congress leaders have been supporting Jagan and have joined YSR congress Party.

How Jagan Became Richer:
           It took years of hard work and luck for TATA, INFOSYS ,and many other top corporate heads to setup multi-billion firms ...but it took just a matter of 5 to 8 years for Jagan to build Rs.365crores worth business empire.Jagan has shares in top cement and power projects spread across south India. He also owns Sakshi TV and newspaper in Andhra Pradhesh.

In 7 years 44,6481 per cent Increase  in Wealth:
           In 2004 Jagan's assests were just worth 8.19lakhs,this was when his Father YSR was not yet the chief Minister of Andhra Pradhesh,But in 2009 Jagan elected as Mp in a Congress ticket declared his assets as Rs.77.40 crores.A increase of 372 percent of wealth in 5 years when YSR completed his first term as Chief Minister. Now the present assests are worth Rs.363 crores a staggering increase of 446481% from 2004 to 2011.

        Its clear how Jagan has used his fathers power to improve his business,Its only after the YSR became CM Jagan has invested in Big projects and established his business empire.Or may be its Jagan's skills and management techniques which may have helped him to turn into a business magnet.People of Andhra have great respect to Jagan's father late CM YSR Reddy ,YSR started and implemented various policies for the benefit of poor even though he looted and robbed the nation's wealth.

April 13, 2011

Anna Hazare - A new leader:
           During past weeks we saw a leader for the entire nation ...a leader to drive common people's fight against corruption ...Many mentioned him as a true Gandhian ...and even named him as Gandhi of Modern India.Anna Hazare's fast till death to support Jan Lokpal bill against corruption saw the entire nation supporting him.The huge support he got at Jantar Mantar,where Hazare is fasting in New Delhi,was compared  to Cairo's Tahrir Square.After a long period India saw a non-violent protest of such extent ,even supported by Young Indians.

 Anna Hazare - Former Army drive:                   
             So Who is Anna Hazare ? How he became a National Hero overnight ?    
      Anna Hazare a 72-year-old Former Army driver, dressed in white and with a Gandhian cult,is not new to social activists. Born Kisan Bapat Baburao Hazare, he is a famous social activist in his home state of Maharashtra, where he turned his village of Ralegan Siddhi which once had no drinking water  into an environmental prototype.Hazare along with his villagers built small  dams and tanks, to conserve water and planted  trees making the village green.The idea and campaign was a hit and even the Maharashtra state Government started taking Ralegan Sindhi village as a model and implemented the project in more villages.

 As a continuation Hazare fought against alcohol and tobacco ,supported literacy and free Education. His fight against dowry and other social causes brought him national and international recognition like Care India award. 

The Fight Against Corruption: 
               Hazare's fight against corruption started back in 1991 ..he wanted to empower the common people against the bad policies of the Government.In 1997 Hazare fasted against Maharashtra government to enact a Right to Information Law which Maharashtra Government dragged for years without enacting. In 2003 Hazare started in definite fast and on 12th day of his fast ..The government implemented the law.This led to a National wide campaign and on 2005 Right to Information Act passed by Parliament and implemented in the entire nation.
       Anna Hazare started his fast against corruption at Jantar Mantar on 5th April with the support of social workers and young activists.He wanted to draft a new Jan Lokpal Bill against the Government recommended Lokpal Bill.

 What is difference between Lokpal and Jan Lokpal Bill:
           The Jan Lokpal Bill designed by former judges and social activists recommends for setting up Lokpal and Lokayuktas (in states) independent from government’s (state and central) control. In this version, investigation in any corruption case will have to be completed in one year, and punishment would be a jail term of minimum 5 years and maximum of life imprisonment . 

The government's version of the Lokpal Bill recommends a prison term of minimum 6 months and maximum 7 years as punishment for corruption.
          So Hazare won the battle after five days of fast ...government  has issued a gazette notification constituting a 10-member Joint Committee of ministers and civil society activists, including him, to draft an effective Lokpal Bill.
            So lets hope the bill is implemented soon...but remember...that an anti-corruption bill has been introduced eight times in the Indian parliament with no results since 1968 ?