April 24, 2011

Easter - Time to celebrate:
  Its Easter and Cash - rich Christian community in northern Kerala districts celebrate it grant.But the patients in Alappuzha government hospital had to bear the pain of the celebrations.On 22nd at this hospital doctors conducted mass operations of at least 25 operations mainly Caesaereans  in 2 days in order to freely celebrate Easter.
       Many cases were operated prior to the date already told and who could wait till next week for delivery.Patients complained that the surgeries were conducted in a hurry so that the doctors could be off duty during Easter weekend holidays.

Lack of Facilities:
         The Government hospital is under equipped for such a mass operation but the doctors seemed to be not concerned about the fact.Many patients even didn't get basic facilities and medical care.More than a dozen mothers with their newborns could be seen lying on the floor of the hospital, lacking post-delivery care.

        P K Sreemathi, Minister for Health, Kerala said "What the doctors have done is wrong. We are taking it very seriously and have constituted a probe panel. We are planning to include two experts from the Medical College too in the team."


Deepa said...

I saw this news item on TV today. It is really terrible and that too coming from a state like Kerala where we somehow feel that basic facilities are better than other parts of the country. And minister is giving the usual rhetoric about constituting a panel - but not saying anything about punishing the guilty. Sad.

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