May 5, 2011

 You tube video - Pakistani School girls about India: 
   Recently one of my friends in Facebook ...shared a you tube video on how Pakistan school girls think about India and Indians ....I clicked the link and watched the video...I found it interesting how common people from Pakistan  thought that India and Pakistan should forget the tension between each other and  help each other out as both are developing nation and affected adversely by Terrorism of all kinds.I would thank who has uploaded the video on You tube....I am sharing the video on this post ...

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More Interesting Than the Video - comments on it:
    But more interesting was not the video but the comments below the video ...It seemed as if Indian and Pakistan netizens  were fighting out abusing each other ...I think they don't even have the common sense of little School Girls ..who felt the better part .I am posting a screen shot of the page below 

    I have just pasted first few comments ,For more of the comments for this video please visit the site  but before that I ask you read those remember the remaining comments are little abusive...
   I do agree  ...Pakistan does support Terrorism against India and protect terrorists in its Nation but Its not the common People who love peace who support Terrorism,Its Pakistan  military,ISI and Pakistan Government who are in war against India ...  and its just for political and financial benefits ....and don't forget the Indian Politicians who have used war of words against Pakistan for Political gains and the fight in the name of Hindutva ( terrorism in name of Hinduism).The Osama row has further strengthened the theory of Pakistan protecting terrorism but I just hope it doesn't affect the India Pakistan Peace process.


Anonymous said...

its a lovely video. when it began i thought it was another against india propoganada but i just loved the ending and the girl's 'hum maafi chahte hai. Respect the guy who made the video and thanks for sharing

Umar from pakistan said...

Well I do agree that both countries should resolve their issues by talk and war is no option, but i think India being a larger neighbour should play their role more responsibly.

I am not trying to offend Indians, all I am trying to say is that Pakistan is in no position to confront India, so putting blame on paksitan does not make too much sense

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