July 17, 2011

MAD Life
      How many of us are living a MAD life ....Making a Difference Life .. Recently in internet I came across a Youth Volunteer network named M.A.D ..comprising college students and young professionals.A group of educated youngsters  who  help underprivileged children with their education.These young leaders teach the children who are deprived of Basic education...They help these children by improving their communication skills, computer skills and their overall personality.

What does a M.A.D volunteer Do :
        A M.A.D volunteer has to work just two hours a week ...M.A.D gives you the syllabus  to teach ..which is actually from Cambridge.Come join the ranks as a MAD volunteer and be the difference that you wish to see in the world.I too wished to Join M.A.D here in Hyderabad and contacted them ..But a M.A.D Volunteer should join the cause and work for at least for 1 year...which i couldn't with my current commitments.

So how M.A.D started :
        The Make A Difference project was initiated by a group of 20 college students who saw a huge gap and disparity in the way rich and the poor learned. The Indian Education system caused a huge gap between the true divide in India - The Rich and The Poor. Make a Difference with a vision “To bridge the inequality in society through education" was thus first initiated in Cochin, Kerala.

Why M.A.D:
           Indian Education is such that poor children from the underprivileged Indian society do get primary education but they drop out after 10th due to the lack of financial support or to lack of facilities for higher education.India has highest number of school dropouts all over the world.
            M.A.D ensures the underprivileged children are brought into the main stream so they can chose their careers based on their potential and interests and not their financial constraints.

       So Go join the M.A.D community and Make the difference you want to make in your Life..........below is video that gives you a idea what M.A.D does....


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