October 2, 2011

Cooking Gas Cylinder at 1700 Rs .....
     Now  don't think that I am saying the cost of cooking Gas after 10 years ..No In Manipur if you want to buy a Cooking Gas Cylinder you have to pay above 1500 rupees .This is not because of any price hike ...but due to protests carried out by two tribal groups in Manipur.The Kuki Tribe has been demanding for a new district and some part of this area belongs to the Naga Tribes...Now both tribes are on protests to protect their land by blocking the to National highways connecting Manipur to India. 

Manipur cut off from India since 2 months:
          The protesters have blocked two National Highways NH-53 and NH 39 which connects Manipur to rest of India in Senapati District since August 1....as a result essential commodities are being blocked or burned by the agitators .The demand for petrol and diesel is in rise many are staying in long Queue for the entire day to get a litre of petrol or diesel.

                It seems the Indian Government that Indian Government have forgotten Governance and  is merely sitting and watching such protests in demand for new state or district ...Think about this a state virtually cut off from rest of the Country...... The protests including the Telegana protests is causing great distress to common people and commuters ....Its time the Government crackdown such protests or  take a decision to declare a new state as fast as possible if required ..but some of these protests seem to be politically motivated and for individual benefits.


ravi teja said...

telegana problem shud be resolved as soon as possible

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